i am angry...

juhu its monday so lets celebrate the downfall of this piece of teenage waste. got trouble with my friends cuz i cant shut up. got trouble in school cuz i cant get math. i am angry... very very very angry. hey mum, i dont wanna hear your advices. theres simply no way out of my daily crisis. just leave me the fuck alone. i just wanna sit, writing sad songs at home. i am angry... very very very angry... more blablabla

emo kids

why do you still waste your talent in our scene when all you ever wanted was getting your ass signed to sony? your reasons to be in a band are bullshit punk will always stand against (what an emberassing line)... emo kids blown to shit! please rewrite your popsongs and stop your cry, you´ll never sound as good as lifetime! we are anti everything!

surf nazis anthem

we got a guitar and a drumset, so we found a way to drive you mad. i hope we piss you off, its all we try... surf nazis must die. your scene sucks and you suck too, so we write a millions songs offending you. see you on myspace where you cry... surf nazis must die. surf heil


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