What's Up With The Kids
what's up with some of the kids? call yourselves hardcore punks well you're full of shit you're so not radical you closeted wimp you got the bible up your ass and christ is your pimp insecure tough guy crap yeah, that's dead we believe you can change we're not asking you to bed compare your lyrics with what the bigots have said it's all the same rhetoric and you're the fool that's been misled
Stabbed In The Back
last time i saw you you said you were done with men you claimed it was a crazy idea fucking with your head proclamations were made that you could never be gay but after i had been with you i knew there was no other way thought a woman could put you back on track but shit i already knew i got stabbed in the back one day you realized you couldn't convert you came back to me and i could tell from that look after doing our thang you and i knew a man's touch is all it took
Punk Ass Queers
yeah, we're the freaks in town creepy horny queens with our rhinestone crowns won't wed for the church or state we're punk ass queers normalcy is what we hate military gays what a bore don't guinea pig me for your fucked up wars log cabin queens, stuffy conservative shit in the spirit of stonewall queens we'll put and end to it T.V. shows abercrombie gays galore showing to the straight world we ain't weird no more fuck all this pity me shit bring on the drag kings with their big fake dicks i'll hang with hustlers, leather boys, and punks i'm not down with this normal world junk
how do i fit in this rainbow machine? pride and waves of flags in this beauty boy scene shaved bodies tight tummies all around i am such a lost queer walking the streets of boys town fashion dictates if you're wrong or right abercrombie fitch, gap what a fright versace, prada, diesel and many more label flashing shit what a bore punk queers let's put it where it's at balk or hairy thin or thick you know i like that fat pull off your punk shirts and let's not hide let's rework this thing they call pride
Recruiting Time
limp wrist recruits you X up kids and get in line with you the crew grows cuz it's limp wrist time why do you think we want you in our crew? just cuz you got dick it doesn't mean you'll do don't try to flatter your little homophobic ass paranoia kid, you know we're limp wrist and we got class limp wrist recruits yeah, fuck you
come around new to this and you and your friends form a crew old ideas from another place trying to tell us what we're supposed to be about don't try don't try don't try to define what my life is supposed to mean to me we laugh at your empty ideas of what hard-core means reaching out to the clique wanting to fit in in a year you'll be over it


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