Heresy - Concrete Sox split LP



Out through the blackness
I look upon the earth
Smothered in decay
A waste of neture's birth
Engulfed in misery
Left to rot in time
Myths of eternity
Graves in our minds

Genocide Genocide
A million hearts bled and died

Lost in twisted time
Back into the fire
Darkness claims more victims
Thrown upon the pyre
Rivers of blood flow
Man's the victor yet again
His stagnant futile dreams
Trapped in the realms of pain


Drilled into our skulls
A mindless fucking lie
The myth of god-like doctrine
Festers in our minds
Released from a cage
Maintained by the few
Conspiring decadent minds
With the malevolance they choose

Belief Belief

They hold a blood-stained cross
Casting showers of pain
Manipulating minds
In insanity they reign
Handing out suffereing
Evolving plights of hate
Depraving shallow lives
With the apathy they create

Millions died
Millions cried
Leaders lied
Starving and cold
Hearts were sold
Death unfolds

Visions in fear
Visions in fear

Lives in pain
Slaughtered and maimed
By minds insane
Games of war
Add to the score
Please no more


The door's about to slam
Clampdown on humankind
All hope does away
Under a stagnant mind
Echoes of the past
Torment us in our fear
As I watch the flames die out
No last options appear

Nausea (x4)

As darkness smothers all life
The question remains the same
For such suffering
What do the leaders gain?
A cold unfeeling world
Filled with need and greed
Too late to seek an answer
Too late to plant new seeds

I cannot escape these visions
I need to find the key
Rid myself of these burdens
Open the door to sanity

Release me from the dread of mankind

This darkness gets so cold
All stagnant minds rest now
I try to shut it out
But somehow I still doubt

Death, misery locked up in my mind
Terror, fear in this world so blind
Anger, hatred flowing thru my veins
Somehow, willing, release me from these chains

As I open my eyes
See reality flicker by
The question still remains the same
I scream so loud
But no one wants to hear
A pawn in their deadly game
Anger burns inside me
My heart is bleeding hope
Somehow I need to find a way
Sometimes it seems so hopeless
Nothing seems to change
Just live with this fear day after day

In silence (x3)
My mind screams in silence

I wait foor days to come
I see the visions gone
Yearning for the love I need
I hang onto my dreams
Hang onto my hopes
And see what the future breeds
The past holds deathly shadows
Memories of pain
Ties around my burning heart
Misery and suffering
Drain this world of love
But my visions won't be smashed apart


Get up off your knees and bridge the gap
This socialism isn't Russia from a fucking tap
Is it more politics, or just another train?
Total trust and freedom is the absolute gain
You can see the gallery, you can see a cage
Truth don't lie in the East, it's illusion of true aims

There's even groups within the scene
Say they hate socialism but don't know what it means
Talk about peace and strains of the law
It ain't only anarchy that holds the key to the door

If only one person turns their head
Confides in this, the myth shall be tread

It's a different lake, free from acid rain
Not the one you see, people swim from misery

False insight a woman's plight
It was false insight
Same old story comes to light
Appealing to morals with a false insight

They couldn't care, because she was a woman
She was from the church of a pious reknown
All they scream "she could have brought it on herself"
She's the vicar's daughter, evoking insults all around

False insight (x4)

One vicious circle from the start
Standing up for her rights feminine part
Locked in a room, pushed against a wall
Different vision from "her indoors"

You're dangerous in your dreams
Fringing on a deadly force
Where did you ever srive?
Burger in your paws
Byt that is your society
You're sceptical of nothing more
Don't lie to people
They see it in your open sores

You fucking speak Siberian or die

We have to be commies 'cos we don't agree with you?
Millions don't speak English just the same
You're hate is articulate, you hide behind your "wit"
It's obviousyou put Rambo in the patriotic pit

You hind behind your wit
In the patriotic pit

Now you want to kill us
Carve your flag in our heads
But you'll never break our souls
So speak something else instead

Day to day, impale their thoughts
Take a stage, for their applause
Lay down lies, piss on the truth
New form of slavery, U.S.-backed cagery

Modernisation, a new form of slavery

Haiti's the world's poorest country
In the western world
Yank profit preaching
The capitalistic word

1 percent of the people
Take 70 percent of the land
9 in 10 illiterate
No pedestal to take a stand

Under a dollar a day
Is the average pay
Half the children die
Before the age of five

Nicaragua, you must survive
It's a prey the eagle fears
When talons lash out
Who will hear the people's screams?

Since the U.S.A. ratified the putsch
Thousands of Haitians died in a daily exodus
Strikes against the law, a U.S. state of mind
Their only convern is power
Not hope for the human kind

Maybe this has been said before
But we're gonna say it just once more
Their silence is the root of decay
And we're made to suffer, made to pay
We need a lot more rights
For those who just can't fight
The oblitieration of profit
Now . . .

Over the rainbow, out of the pit
Sustain the orgy, don't ever quit
Believe in yourself, in what you see wrong
Apathetic morons somehow don't belong

Progress and fight, don't regress out of sight
This is our plight, what the fuck is yours?

Deteriorate away, and what do you achieve?
A state of self-delusion, the final sleep
Maybe you don't care
Maybe you're unaware
Maybe you don't use your head
And it shows 'cos you're so apathetic
Why that impassive, why that unaware?
I ask myself that, 'cos I really care

Your life is planned, your life is guided
Your thougths, they've always been provided
I'd like to see you involved
You want me dissolved


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