Ewa Braun "Esion"

1. ucieczka


in the end i'll kiss you with happiness as soon as our feet have touches solid ground policemen's dog-like pants will turn into whines and the pathetically echoing curse words will be cast to amuse what about us?we will cease to existand the picture'll be in the papers showing us holding hands us we jump together twenty-something floors so many worthless years the wind dresses us for the casket we were caressing the heavens for a few moments we lived eternally

2. m.l.king

before the bullets spoke spoke Martin Luther Kinga better world lasted for on more day and there wasn't enough paint to redden TV news his eyes dim with hopelessness were searching different channels to find the truth but faces, the white faces glistened like snow in the white hoods of hatred and it's hard to trust the words in which there's too much love and the gun in one's hand becomes a god load it, 51 bullets still wait for their victims Martin Luther King is speaking by the potomac chor: white day and black night sang the song of equality for a very short tip

3. niebo


deep under my skin your spirit dwells i leave too many traces behind me i'd like to feel your vibes i close my eyes and the lights go out i listen to my heart i raise my arms, and praise the heavens i bow my head to honour the earth i listen to you inside me my blood is blue it mirrors the sky

4. w drodze

on the way

you only soak for a little while more then we get into a stolen car and we take our usual route forget the silence of the town the highway stings with speed parking lots are our wedding nightg as stations our wedding rings nights grants us the sacrament rain drops tell their story it's raining on and on and when police stations receive their first reports we pretend to be angels and still get half-priced tickets we travel between heaven and hell

5. a.i.d.s.

I've got aids and vomit blood my skin is no longer any protections I beg for a new day so that the old one doesn't put me into the casket of my desperation each dayI have a pound of waste, 50dag of germs one more time I wantand everything wants me yet I keep watch over my deathJ've got aids and vomit blood I lie down on the sidewalk cover myself with mud and the night drowsiness walks me to the drunk tan I've got aids and I vomit blood aside from dailies and morning press the world has no room for me

6. samochodem i domem zajęła się policja

and the police took care of the car and the house

it was raining for some time and then, together again having left the cars in the parking lot we locked the doors of our house and went into outer space it was cold we never reunited


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