CONTENT WITH DYING LP ~ Great American Steak Religion ~ 1995
1) Underneath
Deceitful is all youve been tear away at the false uncaring skins a corporation with bloody hands is what lays underneath the lies you sold. The lies you told. The blind leading the blind in a war against non existent enemies all the while you hide under your greed soaked camouflage your corporate camouflage now you walk a separate path. Now youre the puppet, youre one of them, I see your strings
2) Afraid of life
Turn on your world sit back and relax all you need is an addiction at your own fingertips. See what they turned you into? The media covers us in fear telling us we cant compete wit the outside world better to stay inside because we have everything you need. Take a look outside and see what they dont want you to see pelted by violent images afraid to live our lives beyond these four walls. Destined to become no more than ratings, never break the grip they have on you

3) Content with dying
Somewhere along this line we were stripped of identity, creativity developed this sheep mentality of following everything cultureless we are entertained by senseless sitcoms and infomercials. It angers me to see a nation reduced to a full scale game of follow the leader. They have us fooled reaching for the amerikkkan dream. Trapped in the 9-5 its like swimming upstream. Do as they tell you forethought is bound to fail. We are dying and no one seems to care. To busy rushing to a go no-where career. You think youre free? You just cant see the bars were all in prison in these free countries of ours. Your not freeyou never were
4) Not a solution
Enough of these pre-school politics finger pointing generalizing. You are not the savior; you are not the warrior gagging on your ignorance. You couldnt figure out life if you had a map. Yet youre so quick with your worthless facts enlightened by some holy vision. She tries to explain and you refuse to hear her now the state owns her rights. Is that what you want? You call yourself pro-life? I call you pro murder. Your small minded thinking is not a solution. ANTI CHOICE IS ANTI-SOLUTION, ANTI CHOICE IS ANTI-HUMAN, ANTI CHOICE IS ANTI-WOMAN
5) Religion on a stick
How can you just show up there? The white knight thats going to save the day. The only reason for being there is not to feed them food. But the Christian way believe in our white god and you will be fed But to have your own religion means youll starve to death. Religion on a stick you force feed the masses. The most weak and willing is where you begin. And until there is one world with one religion only then will you end. Are you a missionary for god or a missionary for money? You say youre caring while you televise a guilt trip to make you rich. And how many die while your pockets keep getting filled? The best damned business move was your story of Christ being killed. Your god is nothing more than a dollar sign and you dont care how many people die. You spend more on commercializing a cause than you do on feeding a nation
6) Regression
Why does the law view women as little less than human? Why are their lives worthless than the property of the state? You know your country is sick when you get more for robbery than you do for rape. Yet it happened before our very eyes we allow these laws to exist. There is a greater value put on money than on human life. And still we sit passively? We let these laws classify us into men, women, and black and white. They discriminate by dropping the label of human, and stripping away our rights. Until we realize everyone is equal, nothing is going to change. How much longer can we afford these laws to stay the same? Not a minute longer because our lives are at risk. They dont give a fuck about you! The system is full of shit how can stealing money even compare to the crime or rape? These laws are not for people, they only benefit the state
7) Conditioned
To protect and serve to dictate and abuse, you make me hate you. You created me with your superior attitude. And you expect me to respect you? And I wouldnt care if you died, right before my eyes. I feel no sympathy, watching your demise. And to side with you is like siding with the iron fist, and to support you, is like supporting a rapist. And I wouldnt do that. You made me what I am, you made me hate you. Thats why it makes me smile when someone kills a pig or two
8) Sidetracked
Does any body care or are they to busy watching and unlearning. Glued to the TV while the rest of the world is burning. Catching your attention by televising the latest human tragedy. Focusing your energy on the furthest thing from reality. And who knows what goes on while hooked to their lies? As long as the public as the public isnt looking, do they care who dies? And they have their ways of keeping you occupied. So you cant see what theyre trying to hide. Do you trust your government? Do you trust a higher power? Do you think the only world happenings are what you see in the news each hour? Why do we know everything about the last day and neglect the last 50 years? Would you even question that things dont go on that no one hears? Youre sidetracked by a fictional diversion. Youre fooled into trusting a murderous monster. Shut it off, stop being so numb to the truth

9) Youre the only one?
Put aside your idiocy. Its not going to change the world. Its not part of history. Youre the only one do you think anyone understands? Whats more important? The worlds problems or the x on your hand? Do you want to hide under a rock and pretend no problems exist? You might be comfortable but half the world isnt. If you dont take time to question, how will you come up with any solution? Your stagnant numb comfortgo back to sleep. Doing it for the kidsyoure full of shit. This could be a piece of the revolution, but youre trying to kill it. Brain numbing, unthreatening, unquestioning, afraid of change. To content with keeping everything the same.


Thanks for the lyrics. I just downloaded Content with dying to reminisce of the good ol' days. I'm inspired.

"The system's full of shit!" -- Regression

How about lyrics from Groundwork?

March 25, 2009 at 3:21 AM  

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