1. zeszły piątek

last friday

it was last friday they kept laughing and laughing their uniforms smelt of pursuit as though they knew they could lock us up we didn't however feel like laughingn either did we wake up on time in the morning and as they opened the door of that carriage their faces shone brighter than the sun that was our thirtieth day i thought that school and mothers have forgotten anyway in that village on the outskirts of Boston the time is able to pull anybody's legs till we had some scraps of food and a handfull of ways to cheat the cops we learned how to jump on to a train and to tell the good from the wrong yet we wanted to give the west coast one more glince but it was then that the friday came i thought the wind had ceased care the moon and the sun took care of each other once again

2. stąd do wieczności

from here to eternity

it is the time that's horsing around with us and i think it was just yesterday that i was standing in front of the Reichstag gate with the rifles of your hands pointing at the sky and i was shouting "sieg heil"- someone nearby cried out "clam up"it is the time that's horsing around with us and i think it was just yesterday that i called revolution, this bloody shit with the name of a freedom and the freedom - a communism it is the time that's horsing around with usand i think it was just yesterday that i was civilizing the Incan cultureand called myself Cortez -it doesn't matter what my name is it doesn't matter who i really am since as soon as the time(x2) since as soon as the time cries out the politicians will pull our leg

3. ogień


young boys play wit the politics xeroing secret leaflets on trams they sing the songs hostile to the government do you remember those two policemen killed in the workers' quarter in the suburbs the young boys play with the politics watch out today while in the city

4. zmartwychwstanie


all animals are to rise from dead all animals are to rise from dead they'll rise from what stomachs digest from what we wear on shoulders and feet all animals are to rise from dead and something will have to be done about it they can be killed once again but we lack the slaughterhouses they can be driven somwhere away but they will grow in numbers the way out must be found out they're to revive the day after tomorrow

5. 1692

i am a child of the universefound in a Baltimore's church i am the Desiderata

6. atomowa elektrownia

nuclear powerplant

she was coming now and then the day before it used to always rain she was trying to persuade me then the day came i almost believed her although the zines, facts and newspapers failed to confirm what she'd say and she kept smiling tempting me up to the edge of sin one day she didn't come though the day before it had been pouring in the evening you could hearthe ambulance sirens and the soldiers i did not sleep the whole nigh thardly could i breathe something happened in the town the horizon went in flames

7. ziemia


my feat were treading softly i hoped this would help hardly did she breathe at that time coughing every night she kept complaining into my ear... they knew what was gonna happen with their last kisses packed they carried on their own way at that time till the last while, last exhaustionall of this made no sense, though she herself sought help in nobody one day she simply disappeared since that timei've been living in my dream only

8. III rzesza-pospolita

III common reich

the sky got switched off it's dark as if it were the last day someone has raised the pulpit poeple went out of their houses LISTEN the end is appraching the only way out is to find the Jews among us

9. właściwy powód

good reason

it's all the same who this will be if only he were placed in frame and behind the pane Che Guevara, Jesus and Luther be were of Hitler, be were of Somosa it's all the same who this will be if only i had a reason, a good reason when i point the barrel at your head

10. dwaj ojcowie

the two fathers

he was just a regular father but when he was leaving for the Vietnam war something stirred inside of him so he wrote more letters despite that he had known before in her loyalty mother managed to warn him my face got rearranged for i'd kissed the Woodstock with long hair and a peace sign on my breast... on the whole that would be o.k.if not for some father in a blue uniform whose heart 10 years latern early ceased to beat as i was casting a petardat the squad of his constable she could not stand the family's dishonoir but i have remembered him well he kept beating in the same wayas the american one

11. kamienny krzyż

stone cross

you'll be amazed but they won't crucify you but before they will humiliate you so much that you will beg them for it on your bended knees but this would be to much of a happy end they will give you a heavy stone cross stone cross for 15 long mileson your way they will laugh and spit at your face and this time there will be no one to help you as soon as you carry your cross up the highest hill with tears in your eyes you will beg them to nail you up but this would satisfy them in no way after all no nail can be driven into the stone arms


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