Chokehold "Instilled"

INSTILLED 7 ~ Bloodlink Records ~1994

I reach out my hands try to educate you on your crimes - im not a fucking preacher but you have to know your destruction for the depletion and the rape of this earth - youre just unaware i cannot blame you - just this system for teaching us desolation - the corporations are aware while the average person is not violence against one meat eater is not going to liberate one million animals - we must take action against those who run the industry not the ones lied to - and to take them down we must use as much violence as they do - animal liberation earth liberation human liberation will only come through education
Not natural? now youre playing god - a hard role to play when you cant prove it exists - law of nature? nothing is written in stone - its not hard to see love has no sexual preference - your view of deviance is my view of love and i can only say youre the one thats sick - ill never live by your bullshit values - i wish youd see the pain that you inflict

You close my eyes to any ideas but your own - keep me deaf to the sound of revolution - tie my hands from achieving my freedom - you want my brain to think only my thoughs and what are you doing to break the cycle? talking drunk and inhaling their lies - or are you abstaining and staying stupid? either way were still left behind - so tell me how can they be your actions when its their ideals that fill your head - these thought are instilled upon us all and were told freedom is being lead - when in reality freedom will only come when we realize who the fuck is really in control - without their cooperation their system will fall - it thrives off the misconception we cant survive without them - when we are all individuals capable of thinking - yet weve been instilled with dependencies and the myth we cant survive without leaders - how can they be your actions when its their ideas that fill your head?

You wont be my guiding light in this world gone mad - I dont need fairy tales to lean on - You manipulate the mind that still has to learn - Replace their thoughts with bullshit - Deception burns - You present yourself as caring but I can see right through - Slavery and mind control is all you quest for - I wont fall. I wont fall in your group in need of something to hold -Ive got my mind and its thoughts are only mine -I need no religion to prove I exist - Only room for my mind to learn and tell me whats right - Not no fictitious male being, not no sexist book of lies - I never needed a crutch to make me strong or to hold on to my beliefs -And Id never turn to such a fucking lie -Id never be that weak

This land was not found, it was stolen and raped - its not the land of the free, freedom brings expression and culture - the real voice of this land has not been heard, its been gagged by unthinking white tradition - their blood stains the streets where our cities stand as we watch their cultures decay - so we gave them a choice of how to life their life - that being our way or no way at all - youll believe our religion, live by our tradition, and forget everything you did in the past - live by our laws, live by our rules, and well take everything you ever had - now you scream love it or leave it with your flag so high and proud which is nothing more than a symbol of rape and hate - the American dream is for everyone except the true people of this land

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