2. Angel Strike Man
… angel strike man. we’re forgetting, again. buildings are falling and we’re failing again. numb to the misery (from all the) blood stained imagery. angel strike man. sell yourself into slavery again, sell our children to the state again, sell your body to commercials again, sell your soul for the dollar again. shackled for forgetting, forgetting again. shackled just long enough to remember again. every word is politics, every action; a smoking gun and if you deny it run, run, run. angel strike man.
5. Guilt
… empires built on doctrinal guilt. controlling man (with what we) cant understand. words, body and mind enslaved at a shrine with little left (except) impending death. guilt, guilt, guilty for being alive. written words designate (awaiting) death. desires define degrees of helplessness. birth and gender assign entitlement while feelings and emotions are left for dead. guilt, guilt, guilty for being alive. this is our sickness with no one else to blame. simple minds bring a handicapped existence. so much for being free. so much for being me.
12. Three Hundred Liars
… one million colors, in one blind eye. silence in the song I’m singing, whose words, want to cry. a symphony of deafness singing softly, so unreal. the soft, sweet caresses, you don't care to feel. you don't fit in. the hardest armor but so vulnerable inside and what you feel, and what you know, and what you love will die. you don't fit in so break out. three hundred liars, all with such fearful eyes. afraid to look the wrong way and i sympathize. i sympathize.


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