Hero Dishonest "Juggernaut"

1. Yet, What Do We Accomplish?

stuck in past stuck in agony stuck in daily grind 'it'll never happen to me' i heard they call this progression can't afford to let it go a life worth livingwoth pursuing a life worth fighting for?count the hours count the days people starve 'cos they knownothing else and crumble through the daily routine to keep this nation together a life worth saving worth nothing a life worth dying for?it's everywhere except in our hearts waiting it's nowhere except in our hearts hiding

2. Crusade For Power

it's a drive for power you're just a jerk-off with a badge and a fetish for suits and ties yeah you know it better but you're not bearing my cross your words - they tangle your words - they're indirect your crusade for power...your essence - just manners your essence - just manners and dogms jerk.(Hierarchies work if people work with them.No slaves, no managers.)

3. Destroy Everything, Please

keep warm, burn the rich no compromise in defense of our dignity fuck the police, fuck the state until all free we're all incomplete shallow - swallow slogans for you to die for(to sing along)anarchy, peace and equality earth liberation through vegans evolution we're the crew that's built to last true till the next trend united we stand...destroy the machines what are you left with?destroy everything what are you left with?

4. If I Settle For Rats, But Not For The Race

means so much the conviction in your eyes so much are there any words of your own?what's enough if we still wave just one flag if we still search for just one truth?how liberal if i don't agree?if a settle for chaos if i settle for rats if i settle for uncontrolled...this world is a bigger place than your brain(We have to carry the truth together even though we might not agree with everything.Contradictions are a necessity. I'll burn your flag and you'll burn mine and it's just a start.)

5. If The Price Is Right

ain't this enough you still want more?ain't this enough you still want more?save it for yourself tear it off the ground ain't this enough you still want more?will it ever be enough for the generations to come built to accelerate faster than ever before?if the price is right we'll buy anything we'll fuck with the machine, fuck till we bleed if the price is right we'll believe anythig turn our heads, ignore what we see what's that you need that you don't already have?what's that you need that you don't already have?more slaves?more security?what's that you need what could you possibly need?will it ever be enough for the generations to come with ever growing hunger for material goods..?but only if the price is right!!!

6. Juggernaut

less air to breathe more concrete to carve our hopes onto bigger and bigger to show the world our prideless treesless anything with an own will this culture breathes poison this city only knows how to grow bigger and bigger that's what we deserve for the time keeps ticking and we have only one purpose to serve the void between our heartbeats it has to be filled what better place than here and now wrap it up and leave it choking...more concrete to carve our hopes onto more rope to hang ourselves withit's us the architects tomorrow we'll be wiser tomorrow with a bigger capacity wrap this planet up and leave it dying...we'll build a bomb that's big enough to bring the future here at last

7. Never Solutions

we may all be fucked up but somehow you seem to grasp on it and enjoy never solutions, just problems and the whole world keeps turning the wrong way around how sad can it be?a bottle of booze and a razor blade sponsored by society and it's alway someone else who keeps pouring the problems on yout hat glance tells everything you must know me better than i do myself what can i do but smile do you think that you're any worse than the rest of us...are you the cause or the remedy do you just keep on wasting your days if there's nothing to believe in why wear such a sad face?the comfort of this world as a burden and the burden as a comfort

8. Not Enough Bodybags

it's not "good morning" i heard the dropped another bomb it's not "good day" the hate is al around in me how can you say that everythings gonna be ok it's not what you would expect just pray for one silent moment this world is in the hands of assholes don't even ask where i belong if it's consciousness that separates us what is it that we lack the most? can't trust what you see the reasons they feed what the fuck!?!! the treat that once was has turned upside down can't you fuckig see what we have left behind?! billion hungry mouths, kids without hope it's like a war inside my head about to explode not enough bodybags (I don't see nightmares, I never wake up screaming, I don't have fears that would affect my sleep. I sleep my nights well, but sometimes when i wake up the nightmare begins. Just to open a newspaper can ruin my day, or a train ride to the city. What ever it is it gets sometimes unbearable. I would just love to brake the neck of this all, all this nonsense, all this racket, all this we're willing to throw our bodies into be crushed, but here I am, writing these notes.)

9. Obey Your Thirst

vote with your wallet see, democracy does work everything's equally valuable every bill and every coin?consumer as the master feel the delusion of power supply and demand releases us from responsibility free to choose between the worst and the worst deny it allor obey your thirst!blindfolded we follow sold images each smell more and more attractive take a look around you do you have the freedom to choose who's harvesting profits and who's about to lose..?all this noise surrounding us paid commercials to confuse our discrimination and supress our screams shut the fuck up - we live in democracy

10. Part Iii - Let Go

inside there's a scared little boy collapsing in the corners of our past compassioned, but torn apart how far back must we bear this guilt?false promises and high hopes brave foundationd with a withered soulare we supposed to believe you?who taught the parents to neglect their children how can the parents neglect themselves how far back can you extend your guilt..?but the furriws of defeat tell another story are we supposed to believe you?built by people who hate their jobs advertised by morons who don't give a fuck every day we fall into mediocrity like all good soldiers dowon't swallow anymore the spineless words of this corrupted, twisted, sick fucking age let got the trust you once had to swallow let go the fearlet go the lies...

11. Proud To Be Blue-eyed

the moral majority may call me rejected but i'm just glad to reject the boredom call me a kid, but i still believe we could be proud without putting eachother down it's a drea, but a good one to work towards and maybe someday in every corner of this rotten plave everyone will have their share grandparents get to tell their tales we could be who we are without fear...or is this all we have left to fight for freedom and justice?punk rock saved my life, but it won't save the world we can fight the indiffrence but everything else is out of our controli can't believe this is all we have to give maybe you do what else can i say what else could i do?fuck you this is our world too fuck you this is our world too what else can i say what else should i do but follow my heart..?

12. Turha Valittaa Pienistä

onko valinta sun itses annatko kaikkes tunnetko tarpeellisuutta kun silmäs avaat välitätkö siitä mitä teet luopuisitko mistään nyt? mistä luopuisit nyt? löydätkö muuta kuin oman kaipuus kestääkö tavoitteet vain hetken tulevaa säilyykö arvokkuus kun itses kohtaat? kohtaatko itses nyt? vai turhaanko toivot näinkö jatkat? jatkat vaikket uskoiskaan näin on aina ollut miten muuten voisi ollakkaan? edessä uhkaava menneisyys ja kaikki mitä itseltä puuttuu... halvalla lähtee kun ei muutakaan ole toivossa on hyvä elää kun ei muutakaan ole

(Did you really choose to live like this? Is it your choise to walk between the gray building and the line of unpatient cars all the way to the marketplace? To whom do you speak every morning, to yourself or to the mirror? Do you really believe in what you could achieve or are you just running after ever changing scenery of new mobilephones and things to hang on your emty walls? Hope, as there's nothing else...)

13. Ambition To Smile (Will Never Be Civilized)

i'm not gonna wallow in this shit all my life i'd like to leave something else than hate behind we got so much to learn no questions, no explanations sometimes it's crystal clear but impossible to explain no pressure, no expectations living is the only thing worth anything...the suffering will never end this world will never be finished the days go by and we're to believe that there's something to work towards like a fool standing in the river dying in thirst like this place could be any better than we are ourselves like we could make this place any better than what we believe('Thinking is just a higher form of ignorance.')

14. Let's Positive

did the boredom catch you can it be fixed or is it just an escape our only way to communicate?a song of broken hearted life's just a game sore thoat and ringing ears anger barely covers the pain depression hits you could you let it go when it hits you would you let it go?a dance of broken hearted it's broken but at least i try to find my way out(a way out) of this broken land to the last burning ache of hope my anger won't sustain the pain to the last burning ache of hope

15. I've Got A Reason To Live

too many skeletons in the closet so many things so hypocrite contradictions lead in cynicism with the things we've done we've cut off our tongue can we discover something more when we put out our blue eyes what do we reach by groaning the pain of our bleeding eyes?boring minds with boring livesis that our goal?depression meaning fades awaydid it even exist?every beautiful thing is alway so naive but i choose to be naive instead of dead save the planet by killing yourself but i've got a reason to live!!

16. Don't Blame Me

i met a strange officer he gave me shelter for the night and even brought me some food but he was really angry for what i can only guess couldn't really understand his problems don't blame me if your world in crumbling down(found ourselves making enemies faster than we could count)if i'm only what you want to see in me how could we communicate?as kids we used to throw plastic soldiers with rocks slay dragons with a throw of a dice it's exactly how it looks to me but obedience doesn't make you innocent don't say you were just taking orders...you can make a bomb but can you bake a cake if you're only what they want to see in you how could we ever communicate?could we communicate?


So glad I came across this, I remember playing with this band back in 2005 or so in Massachusetts. Really great guys and even better band. Thanks!

June 1, 2012 at 9:42 PM  

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