Mihoen! Self titled EP


7" 2004



MIGRATION (One way profit)

where do you come from?

our government doesn't want you here

all these refugees destroy our social state,

they say...

how dare you oppose

our industries in your country?

it's better for you to accept,

they say...

why can we go there

and get rich while

they cannot come here

and do the same things?

I don't understand

Corporations must be free to settle themselves everywhere they want on this planet. That's good for the economy. Especially the Western economy, where most of these corporations are from. The shareholders of the West benefit greatly from the profits derived from the labor of Third World workforces. Some economist once made the calculation that there's more money flowing back into Western countries than they are investing into Third World development plans. And apparantly this doesn't really bother Western leaders or investors. And the fact that most of the taxes collected by the governments of Third World countries isn't used to benefit the populations of these countries but either ends up in pockets of corrupted leaders or is being spent on weapons to oppress their own people (think of the Ogonis in Nigeria), doesn't really keep us awake at night either. After all, that's good for our economy as well.

BUT… when people of these so-called Third World countries get their acts together and start making some calculations on their own and discover that their personal economies benefit greatly from packing their stuff and moving to Western countries then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose!

We can't help but seeing this as measuring with two standards. Open all borders…

IN EXCELSIS KAPITAAL (kapitalisme = extremisme)

langzaam slibt de wereld dicht

met billboards en reclamelicht

onontkoombaar koopgericht

wat een practhtig stadsaanzicht

euroos dalen stralend neer

via `t mondiale bankverkeer

en vrijhandel op wereldschaal

in excelsis kapitaal

gehoorzaam aan de beursindex

heb vertrouwen en heb hoop

want macht en vrijheid zijn te koop

elke (sub)groep en elke straat

wie bestaat is koopkandidaat

en met marketing op maat

plunderen wij je geldvoorraad

euroos dalen stralend neer

via `t mondiale bankverkeer

en vrijhandel op wereldschaal

in excelsis kapitaal

gehoorzaam aan de beursindex

heb vertrouwen en heb hoop

want macht en vrijheid zijn te koop

vorige week viel het doek

voor de bakker op de hoek

door mijn supermarktgigant

alles voor `t gemak van de klant

laatst nog een fabriek geplant

in een derde wereldland

volop werk voor de kleintjes

scholing? maak je nou een geintje?

heb je het nu nog niet door?

Ik maak vraag, trend koopslavenkoor

en krijg nu overal voorrang

op milieu, ethiek en gevelbehang

vrije markt voor democratie

welkom in mijn wereldreligie

Any form of extremism is widely considered to be a threat to stability and freedom. Extremists are intolerant, repressive and kill every form of pluriformity they don`t agree with. Everyone has to conform. Extremism is regarded to be unwanted and wrong.

Than how come capitalism is widely accepted and even praised? Poor countries are cut back on aid when they decide not to allow western capitalism to exploit their country, non-profit volunteer organizations are being prosecuted for 'unfair' competition, kids are indoctrinated to pick on other kids that have no money to follow trends. The European Union is a new legal state-like institute with legislative powers, born out of capitalist economic desires. It`s impossible to avoid the capitalist system. Economics overrule ethics and environmental problems. Countries are being bombed when they block capitalism and profit. Our freedom ends where our action might threaten capitalism.

Sounds like extremism to us.....

SYSTEM (framed)

the system is created by people,

to gain control and stability

but now this system creates the people

human actions structured by (abstract) frames

not by consideration for others

not by consideration for all

The system itself is not just a government, not even the people in the government. Their lives too are a result of the frame they live in. The system is a set of abstract frames that provides almost everything that we call our culture: politics, religion, economics, science, media. People act according to the (unwritten) rules. We're not being ruled by other people, we're being ruled by frames, an abstract system, without a fysical structure of itself. By complying and adopting a frame one becomes its fysical body. The more one complies, the more one benefits from it. And people want to benefit, not suffer. So the masses comply to the frames.

Choosing not to comply is a threat to people who do. People who try to break out undermine the existing frames. This results in diminishing power of the system, holes are being shot in the frames. As a result the people who do comply will lose (part of) their benefits or at least they fear they will. Those people, politicians, journalists, enterpreneurs, the masses: they don't want to lose benefits, they don't want to lose their safe existence within the frame. So they will protect their homes, their jobs, their lives, all their benefits. This is what makes the system strong. The masses are prepared to fight individuals who want to break out. They have become the soldiers of the system.

The system is wrong, the priorities are wrong. We have to break out of these structures and think for ourselves. Let human interaction and concern for each other and the planet be our guidelines, not a set of abstract frames. To break free, we have to undermine and destabilize the system as a whole, not only blame the government. How? Were still figuring out.......


alles wordt je voorgekauwd

als brinta door je strot gedouwd

ik word er strontziek van

alsof een mens niks zelf meer kan

overal zijn regels voor

burocratie raast maar door

ongeregeldheden opgeruimd

en de burger die z'n taak verzuimd

want wat als er iemand opstaat

en zegt dat het zo niet verder gaat

komt er dan massaal verzet?

of blijf je liever in je bed

van het kastje naar de muur

en weer terug naar af

eigen initiatief

wordt altijd afgestraft

de maatschappij, dat ben jij

maar de staat, dat zijn zij

en alleen met invloed

en poen ben je vrij

dit systeem zal niet veranderen

als jij er niets aan doet

zolang jij je bek niet opentrekt

zien zij niet dat het anders moet

How many good ideas and initiatives have been smothered in endless piles of paperwork and miles of red tape? It's almost like you're getting punished when you actually get off your ass and go out to realise your dreams. It seems like the more things are organized and structured according to rules and regulations, the more it becomes impossible to change or do something.


een populist wordt afgeschoten

de democratie is naar de klote

het hele land is in rep en roer

want links geweld ligt op de loer

die communisten van de PvdA

Ad Melkert is een moordenaar!

mensenmassa's compleet in tranen

politici die tot kalmte manen

nooit je bek opengetrokken

totdat je achter hem aan kon lopen

en wie z'n nek nog wel 's uitstak

is nu opeens 'n linkse klootzak

er wordt niet gedacht in argumenten

kleur je hokje rood met sentimenten

de gevestigde orde staat aan 't roer

beloftes voor de schillenboer

beslissingen achter dichte deuren

vriendjes- en partijenkliek

is dat echt de stem van het volk?

de democratie is al jaren ziek!

Ok, this one takes some explaining… What we have tried to do in this song is describe the mass-hysteria that got a hold of the Netherlands after the murder of Pim Fortuyn, a right-wing populist who got shot by an environmental activist. After his death, Fortuyn's party, the LPF, got 17 percent of the votes during the elections...

For days on end, the 'common people' were given the chance to express their feelings through the media. After all, Pim was largely acknowledged with saying "what all of them were thinking" and now that he was killed; "democracy was murdered". We would like to take this opportunity to "say what we were thinking". And it goes a little something like this:

1. Democracy was not murdered on the day Pim Fortuyn was shot to death… it is being poisoned to death slowly and has been during the last thirty years or so. Prior to the death of Fortuyn a Dutch newspaper printed a large article in which they asked 8 leading political analysts what they thought about democracy in the Netherlands. Their answer: it's virtually non-existant. Dutch democracy, they argued, had next to nothing to do with the "representation of the people" as the word democracy would imply. Dutch voters have practically no influence on the choices that are made in The Hague. The politicians and parties they vote for are basically networks of people who know how to play the political game to advance their careers. Political parties are only out to become the biggest even if this means compromising everything they ever stood for. We seriously doubt Fortuyn was going to change any of this. He was a dictatorial narcist who ran his party his way and his way alone. He accepted no talk back from anyone and when he couldn't win an argument he got angry or acted childish. Democracy wasn't killed, it just got even more boring.

2. Left-wingers have killed Pim Fortuyn and have kept the common man's mouth shut for years. Yeah, right… For one, there was nothing remotely left-wing about the 8 year reign of 'Paars' (the Dutch version of Third Way politics) so don't confuse these so-called 'social democrats' with activists or leftists! During those years some of the most right-wing decisions were made, from deregulation and privatisation in favor of the economy to closing off the borders for immigrants and tough laws on 'illegal people'. And when activists went out into the streets to protest and "say what they thought", they got their asses kicked or arrested… so don't even start about some bogus leftist-conspiracy-theory. If the 'common man' didn't have the balls to come right out out and say what he wanted, he shouldn't blame others who did.

3. The LPF wasn't the 'common man's party'. How much they pretended to be, they never were. It was Pim's friends who financed everything and they were mostly upperclass, rich businessmen. Do you really believe they weren't going to profit the most from his election? Do you really think Pim was going to get you a heart transplant at one of his elite private hospitals he was planning? Or did you really trust him and his real-estate buddies to invest big in social housing projects? The guy had a chauffeur and a fucking butler for crying out loud! There was absolutely nothing common about him…

Too bad we never got the chance to say "we told you so". We would have loved to have seen this man in action. All that we have now is speculations like the ones above and a new Dutch martyr for ignorant motherfuckers to hide behind and stiffle any real political discussion. What do you think Pim would have thought about that…?


demonstranten, hooligans

met sjaal over onze porem

gooien stenen naar politie

we zijn amokmakers en schorem

we komen om te rellen

we hebben niks te melden

en spulletjes van nette burgers moeten het ontgelden

aandeelhouders, CEO's

in nette grijze pakken

brengen overal democratie

en westerse gemakken

geholpen door de WTO,

invloedrijke lobbyisten

ruimen we alles uit de weg

voor mondiaal kapitalisme

wij zijn anders-globalisten

we willen liever praten

maar als door niemand wordt geluisterd

slopen wij de straten

zijn wij daarom crimineel

of zelfs terroristen?

hoe noem je al die luitjes dan

die keer op keer weer voor de poen

levens verkwisten?!

Terrorists: the buzzword of the 21st century, a label that's being stuck on nearly every individual which goes out and actively resists things that he/she finds unacceptable. Same goes for the people that take the effort to go out and engage in protests at WTO-meetings, G8-meetings etc. What drives these people and keeps them motivated time after time is the prospect of a more equal and just distribution of resources, knowledge and wealth across the world. Is that a terrorist thought? No matter how much the official delegates of the Western countries that lead these meetings might twist and turn their words, in the end it all boils down to the same old story:Personal gain and prosperity for the West by the creation of an infrastructure that makes it easier for (Western) multinationals to move freely over this planet and by doing so, generating more profits for shareholders - no matter what the disastrous consequences may be for Third World countries. And with 'disastrous consequences' we mean the privatisation of water resources in Bolivia, Mexico and India making it nearly impossible for people to have access to clean drinking water.The destruction of local small scale farms and livestock. Monopolising the seedmarkets and thereby making small farmers dependent on genetically modified seeds and forcing them to buy new ones every year through patents. Environmental disasters as the result of careless planning and bad constructions causing destruction of vital resources such as food and water like what has happened in Nigeria.

The denial of providing affordible pharmaceuticals and medicine to countries ravished by AIDS. The upholding of enormous, outstanding debts of poor countries to rich countries so they will always be dependent. Relocating hazardous and high-pollution industries to Africa and Asia where pollution levels are still relatively low, people are too poor to worry about the environment and wages are down as well so the economic costs of illness and death among workers won't be too excessive. The list goes on and on…

A very well known punkband once asked the same question we're asking here: "Who's the terrorist now?"


als meneer de directeur

heb ik recht op auto met chauffeur

en een miljoenenappartement

de zaak betaalt, kost mij geen cent

dit jaar draaien we verlies

loonmatiging is het devies

marktconform voor de directie

plus 60 procent looncorrectie

nu word je ontslagen,

kom je daarvoor bij me klagen?

ik ben verantwoordelijk

dus ik vertrek met gouwe handdruk

voor `t nieuwe jaarverslag

is het bij wet verboden

obligaties te verpatsen

maar ze kunnen toch matsen?

iedereen sjoemelt er op los

maar Corrie Boonstra is de klos

zakenlunches en duur dineren

ik heb relaties met hoge heren

man ik heb zo`n zware baan

`k zou liever op de werkvloer staan

It never ceases to amaze us: the tremendous salaries of top executives and directors of the board. The widely accepted load of crap to justify these exorbitant compensations is that these people carry a lot of responsibilities. After all….they really have a hard and demanding job to fulfill, now don't they? But what really happens when one of these corporations gets into financial trouble? The man on the workfloor will have to deal with wage-restraints because of the 'economic recession'. And the executives at the top? They get a raise of 20 percent so they will be more motivated to succeed. Who's carrying whose responsibility now?

And when the financial setbacks really hit hard, cutting back on excess employment on the factory floor is always a necessity. But ofcourse the executives will get another raise. Now whose ass is really on the line for the consequences of whose responsibility? And when finally some CEO has to empty out the old executive office… well, there's always that golden handshake that regularly exceeds a life's pay of the simple employee. But what does the man on the factory floor get as a compensation for the mismanagement of our beloved ladies and gentlemen at the top….?

Shameless self-enrichment over the backs of others is simply summarized: anti-social.

KOPEN NIET KIJKEN (consumentaliteit)

hoera! de winkel is weer open

kan ik lekker rotzooi kopen

ik ga op pad voor een woordenboek

en kom thuis met een spijkerbroek

nog meer CD's voor 45 piek

ook al heb ik geen tijd voor muziek

ik hoop dat ik de volgende maand nog meer verdien

want ik heb nog zoveel leuke dingen gezien

in m'n hand heb ik het object

dat mijn lust heeft opgewekt

bij de kassa raak ik in een spasme

ik toets m'n pincode in en krijg een orgasme

m'n hoofd stroomt vol met neurotransmitters

"u heeft betaald" staat geschreven in glitters

ik ben weer verzadigd voor het komende uur

en deze keer was het echt niet duur!

consumeren is mijn doel

het geeft mij gewoon een lekker gevoel

heb ik een kutdag pak ik m'n pin

en ren ik snel een winkelstraat in


het maakt niet uit waar ik mee thuiskom

het kopen zelf daar gaat het om

ben ik blut dan voel ik me ruk

want kopen is mijn synoniem voor geluk

Been working hard all week? Finally, the weekend has arrived! Now you can spend all of that hard-earned cash on stuff you don't really need. Consuming, not only the keyword of our economy, but also our Life's Joy! Feeling down in the dumps? A pair of new shoes will work miracles.

You work yourself to the bone, you don't have any time for yourself, you think "is this all life has to offer?" and you search for happiness in buying more and more junk, instead of finding meaning in your life. I buy, therefore I am. What a load of bullshit!


welkom in de Donnerstraat

waar veiligheid de maat bepaalt

de burger zich geborgen waant

in orde, rust en regelmaat

het is groener in de Donnerstraat

waar om elke boom een hekje staat

het zwerfvuil is aangepakt

gedeporteerd of in de bak gekwakt

"verboden op het gras te lopen"

ongewenste elementen worden afgeschoten

welkom in de Donnerstraat

waar het lachen je al snel vergaat

want satire is een staatsgevaarlijk kwaad

het is veiliger in de Donnerstraat

want de prestatiepolitie staat paraat

om je preventief van straat te sleuren

en de kleding van je lijf te scheuren

het straatbeeld van de Donnerstraat

is gevuld met camera's en prikkeldraad

niet in het bezit van een identificaat?

dan zul je moeten brommen, maat!

het leven in de Donnerstraat

heeft veel weg van een politiestaat

dat is slechts de prijs die je betaalt

als paranoïa gezond verstand inhaalt

We want our cities to be clean, orderly and safe. We want people to feel safe and we want them to behave. We don't want people to act differently than expected or do something out of the ordinary. So we watch them 24 hours a day. We clog our cities with camera's and cops. We tap peoples phonelines and link all of their data into one big database. We reinstated mandatory ID-possesion. All in the name of your safety. Because after all, you don't have anything to hide now, do you?

If you think this is some sci-fi, 1984 type whining then remember this: Dutch Jews in WWII didn't have anything to hide either, and they didn't even do anything wrong. Yet still most of them were arrrested and murdered because everything about them was neatly filed and alphabetically ordered in some office.


If you don`t know this one, go get the Insult 7" motherfuckers!!!!!!! Dutch thrash on the rise.


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