Crucial Unit

I couldnt find anywhere the lyrics of R.A.M.B.O. and Municipal Waste on the splits, so the lyrics here are only Crucial Unit's. Fore Sure some of the best lyrics I know.

These Colors Get The Runs LP / CD

01 - Dubyanomics
inaugural parade sponsored by pepsi - corporate masters pulling tyrants strings. fuck!!! billionaire leaders consulting wal-mart for economic advice - FTAA continues daddy’s NAFTA new world order. tax cuts for the rich like uncle ronnie’s trickle down - military spending increase for middle east oil wars. dubyanomics killing me! dubyanomics killing you! bring us the head of the town fool - we’ll give him a taste of his golden rule. parade it around in a punk ritual - dance in a counter-clockwise circle. dubyanomiiiiiiiiics!!!!

02 - Adolthood
it is not what you do to make money - that should be used to judge others. importance should be put on - how people spend their spare time. a life of work to consume - is just a waste of our time. between work and sleep - we are living the lives that we want. spend half your day trying to look busy - or work yourself so hard that you drop dizzy. your expectations - fuck adolthood! bullshit obligations - fuck adolthood! work it just pays the bills - it won’t get us knocked down. we will just save to quit - then we’ll have our fun.

03 - Bruce Springsteen Needs The Workers But The Workers Don'’ tNeedBruce Springsteen - mp3 (4.3 MB)
we’ll take a stance - dickies work pants. poorly designed - yes we do mind. its not funny - pinball money. lost in couches - making grouches. this is part of the problem - in a world of us versus them. your pockets are on their side - proletariat will turn the tide. working classes - bust their asses. just to have spare change thrown away. silver pouring - never storing. who needs change more than the workers. this is part of the problem - in a world of us versus them. your pockets are on their side - proletariat will turn the tide. take a stand - fix the pockets - change will come! change will come, it will come, change will come!

04 - No Loafin'
we! we just want to sit. you! you say that we can not stay. we! we don’t give a shit. you! you want to have your own way. hanging out, with our friends, doing nothing but what we want. drinking tea, eating sweets, talking shit, watching our hair grow long. waiting for tonight’s show. we! we know you’re doing your job. you! you need to take a chill pill. we! we will fire your boss. you! you can get high with hoss. hanging out, with our friends. doing nothing but what we want. drinking tea, eating sweets, talking shit, watching our hair grow long. waiting for tonight’s show. soon will come the day when hanging out is illegal. nobody can enjoy a nice refreshing iced tea, outside the storefront that they purchased it from, without getting yelled at. we need a massive sit-in. thousands of people loafin’. tear down the signs and hang out for hours, then the pigs won’t do shit, they might even join us. start a giant movement where everybody chants - we just want to chill - we just want to loaf!

05 - Crucial Unit's Friendship Picnic (album edit) -
it has been said that we alienate - lots of different crowds from time to time. if you’d sit down and try to talk - you’d realize that we’re decent dudes. this is our way to apologize - for some of our snide remarks. let’s forget this stupidity - with a picnic in the park. crucial unit’s friendship picnic, everybody’s invited except for the skins, we’ll apologize for all the shit we’ve said, and we’ll try to make amends. what better way to mend broken ties, than with iced tea and tons of O fries. we’ll play this riff again and again, until everyone becomes our friend. crucial unit’s friendship picnic

06 - Keep Punk Moderately Dangerous -
maybe our music is less urgent - we’re rehashing your old shit. but at least we’re moving forward - leaving your shadiness behind. you can say we are uptight - and have a fictitious punk rule book. i’ll be damned if i long for days - where sketchy fucks are jumping off of speaker cabinets. while wearing wrestling masks - with swastikas on them. any time I get a taste - of your golden olden days. it gets punched out of my mouth - by some dodgy fuck in the pit. i have no desire to go back to days of constant violence, destroyed venues, and lack of understanding

07 - Crucial United Forces -
allright! billions of people marching blindly - all are led by sense of hearing. blazing guitars and drum solos - sounds of distort and screams of dying. crucial united forces (X3)- marching to battle. crucial united forces (X3) - rocking your world. troops arriving to reek havoc - five dudes are on the stage yeah. they never stop they never quit - cuz they are crucial unit. crucial united forces (X3) - rocking your world. crucial united forces (X3) - marching to battle. punkers, ragers, bangers, thrashers - screaming for louder and faster. bang your head! pump your fist! surf the net! hurt your friends! nuke the south! bikes not bush! smoke some trees! pound some tea!

08 - Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness, Too Bad We’re All Atheists -
why wash your clothes - after one wear. why go to church - that joint's for squares. waste of time, waste of time, waste of fuckin' time. (4X) we're not lazy - we just don't care. there's not enough - time in our day. waste of time, waste of time, waste of fuckin' time. (4x) they say to go to church. they say to clean our rooms. we don't want to go to church. we don't want to clean our rooms. what's the point to shower daily - when you will get dirty again. why pass up sleep-in sundays - for some brainwash and wooden benches. church is boring - laundry's annoying. our rooms are messy - we are busy. why live a life, that is sterile - cleaning, washing, christmas carols.

09 - Communitea III -
what better way to show loyalty to your crew - than sharing iced tea that was freshly brewed. turners, wawa, turkey hill - iced tea! communitea!! - pass the tea around!!

10 - These Colors Get The Runs -
red white and brown - oozing from top down. you have the largest guns - and a case of the runs. the greed machine - is pooping green. with every bomb dropped - the sickness doesn’t stop! CIA empowered hussein, bin laden, pinochet - repeats itself again and again. overthrow social movements - disguise it as promoting freedom. or the bullshit war on drugs - and now the fuckin' war on terror. these colors get the runs! they get the runs!

11 - The Quest For Certaintea -
on the road and jonezin' for tea - pure hatred for dry country. choose death before a mouth any dryer - iced cold brown lust liquid desire. microbrewed. on the quest for the best iced tea. on the quest for the best qualitea. on the quest for the best quantitea. on the quest, on the quest for certaintea. if your veins were filled with tea - the unit would rush to your rescue. looking for tea left and right - nothing but snapple in our sight. in the mountains and in the woods - through the desserts and seas of blood. looking for tea - searching for tea. willing to fight in the day and in the night - willing to fight with all our might. this is our life’s blood!

rambo split 7"

1. mosh against milk solids
beware of the blue wrapped peanut chews. because they just might make you ill. mosh against - milk solids. they taste so good. tiny vegan candy treats. just don't let them fool you.

2. chinese restaurant mosh pit
philadelphia - we love fake meat - new years day lunch - we love fake meat - 2001 - we love fake meat - 31 punks eating - we love fake meat. chinese restaurant mosh pit. golden empress mosh pit. crushing mummers - we love fake meat - tony mooching food - we love fake meat - recovering from moshing - we love fake meat - half are hung over - we love fake meat. chinese restaurant mosh pit. golden empress mosh pit.

3. bikes not bush
wish you were dead. skid on your head. you start a war. in the name of oil. we want bikes not bush. ride a bike instead of supporting his greedy oil industry.

4. squat the woods
when i was younger i didn't know that sombody owned the wooded land. as i grew a bit older i knew the laws but didn't care. lets go out and squat the woods, riding bikes all day long. digging giant piles of dirt, buiding jumps for bmx bikes. the woods became my second home. disregard for private property. signs and fences didn't keep us out. working togehter as a community. where will the kids tabletop the hips when the woods become strip malls. how will the deer continue to exist when the world is a giant parking lot? Concrete forests illegal to grind. thrashers and wildlife with nowhere to go.

Municipal Waste split LP / CD

1. five inches of oppression
your novelty records are a bloody sham and they cost more money for much less music. they - they don't even play. what a fucking waste. end the oppression, add two inches. end it.

2. i scream, you scream, we all scream for no screamo
one look at the masses of kids with short pants and you can tell a flood of watered down hardcore is coming our way. i scream, you scream, we all scream for no screamo. kids with dyed black hair, rod stewart haircuts and an infatuation with stupid star tattoos. the whitebelts are ready to klingon to the next big thing hyped by the internet. i scream, you scream, we all scream for no screamo. we always see them dropping mics at fests while they are crying about their crappy love live. since when was screamo all about littering, cat calling and fashion?

3. 900 samosas
nine hundred dollars for a separated shoulder is a lot of money. i don't have that. socialized healthcare is what i prefer, separated shoulder eats a bag of shit. medical bills go straight to the trash. 900 samosas would really be neat. you may think that a dollar for a samosa is a lot of money until you taste it. i'm not paying you, i'll buy samosas instead. i'm not paying you. don't tell me what to do.

4. wall of death the chain of life
riding my bike and i saw such a mess. hundreds of white people in protest. i rode a bit closer to see why they were pissed. thought they were buying barry manilow tickets. they weren't coming from playing tennis, but they had a picture of a giant fetus. i knew it was time to round up the kids so we could lock arms and fucking resist. wall of death the chain of fucking life.

5. i heard mayday was a riot
reclaim the streets, take back what is ours. people, not commerce. bicycles, not cars. we will take to the fucking streets to express our dissent with the world as well as history they try to hide. people in the streets. fuck police brutality. media distorts the truth. they see what they can sell. they hear what they want to hear. only want to spread the truth is by doing this every year.

6. scrabble punx
spelling, phonics, vocab - killing time at work. spelling, phonics, vocab - passing time in the van. s-c-r-a-b-b-l-e-p-u-n-x - we are the scrabble punx! double word score, triple word score, double letter we are the scrabble punx. triple letter, double letter, triple word score, we are the scrabble punx.

7. million dollar thrash song
i am going to have to fucking use two annoying ass bogus dudes who happen to be named bill and ted in order to gain access to their time machine. system - bogus. thrashcore - excellent. george bush - bogus. time machine - excellent. i am going to take direct action by using technology to my advantage. i will change the fucking system, keeping another bush from being president. abort george bush. prevent g.w. i am going to abort your texan ass with the help of my time machine. i am going to prevent your white power son by aborting you, you pig fucking nazi satyr asshole.

8. this machine kills buffets
uh oh! here come five hungry dude who are ready to destroy your buffet. fake meat chinese, indian food, ethopian, mediteranian. killin' buffets. eating machines. this machine kills buffets. kill buffets, kill buffets, this machine kills buffets.

9. thrashaholics unanimous
ragers and thrashers' need for moshing is ruined by mosh pit masturbation. macho kungfu karate kicks are so inconsiderate. let's just circle pit. fuck your individualist mosh. no neo-liberals in the pit. forget our differences in the circle...pit.

Premium Iced Tea 7"

1. crucial unit theme song - a.k.a. thrashin' is our business and business is mediocre at best
here's an iced tea fueled destruction. coming in your direction. we're for skate & bmx. all posers are getting wrecked. indian food eating machines. killing hardcore, destroying scenes. cursing up a fucking storm, virgin ears best be warned. CRUCIAL UNIT x8. burning cop cars, killing pigs. wild unruly anarchists. a thrash monkees or sex pistols. total fucking hardcore swindle. it'll suck when chris moves. who cares, we are internet approved. "s" is for the strength to stand up and resist. "t" is for the thousands feeling ____. thrashin' is our business...and business is mediocre at best. go!

2. living room mosh pit
tape goes in, kids go nuts. we're not here for kickin butts. we don't need a band with an amp. just don't break the goddamn lamp. moshing with the d-boiz - won them on the air, stage dive off of steev's reclineable chair. living room mosh pit! coffee table GO!

3. baby i don't want to make out, i just want to circle pit
baby i like spending time and being with you but tonight i have something better to do now is not the time for loving and that sissy shit cause baby, i just want to cirle pit you don't need to sit and pout because there isn't a single doubt that circle pitting is what its all about and its not the time for making out

4. fuck electrons
we like protons because they're positive

5. communitea
what's a better way to show loyalty to your crew than sharing iced tea that was freshly brewed. turners', taylors', schneiders' ICED TEA! communitea, pass the tea around.

6. off the gods
all these greek mythology hardcore kids making shows look like harvest rituals. if one more scenester tells me that i'm going to hades, i swear i'll quit moshing forever. OFF THE GODS x4 stormin' mt. olympus & doing what's rightly. taking out the mighty Aphrodite. shove zeus' lightening bolt up his ass. OFF THE GODS x4 i hope that one day you will fly way too close to the sun and just like icarus you will fall to your death.

7. boy i'm going to set you on fire if you say another fucking word -
punk and hardcore's a way of life...not a way to make a living. lifestyle sold as a commodity, now you got your victory. pimping with olc, chillin with victory. doesn't make much sense to me, but now your got your money. records spin in revolutions! everyone makes choices, but they don't have your influence over others

8. give the world a hug -
nuke the south

9. let's unite the punx and skinz put 'em on a boat send them off to sea and sink those fuckers -
lousy mohicans taking up space. puking everywhere and calling it anarchy. yelling no gods no masters unless they are in crust bands. you wear stupid costumes looking like you take a stand. you think the gov't is watching you. if so, then i'll eat my shoe PUNX N' SKINZ LET'S UNITE 'EM WE'LL PUT EM ON A BOAT AND SINK THOSE FUCKERS! lousy cue balls with heads shaved so close. maybe they shaved away half of their brain. homoerotic tendencies masked by macho bullshit. cute suspenders and pants tightly fit. you can't even fucking circle pit!

Moshzilla 7"

1. teabag god
i'm throwing a sleepover this next friday night. just like any sleepover i'm going to invite one kid that we all hate just so we can fuck with him. i'm going to invite that lousy snot nose god. sure he'll eat all the munchies. sure he'll talk through the movie. sure he'll fuck up truth or dare. but it will be worth it once he falls fast alseep. SO WE CAN teabag god! x4

2. rice traitor
if you eat white rice, you should feel guilty. i eat white rice, i feel guilty. found in too many restaurants. go renounce your white rice privledge. so bland and flavorless. go renounce your white rice privilege. no nutritional value. go renounce your white rice privilege. when tensions start to boil. go renounce your white rice privilege. go renounce your...white rice privilege.

3. usable buildings -
don't burn down the churches. because they are still usefull buildings. that could be used for show spaces or skateparks.

4. change time
don't confuse the cows and chickens. their industry thrives on our darkness. six pm - pitch black - we're gonna take it back! fall back, spring ahead! for as much as i like ice cream and cheese pizza, i'd go vegan for no more daylights savings time. fall back spring ahead!

5. blatantly obvious political song
did you know that you need oxygen just to maintain your existence? the water's only three feet deep. don't fuckin dive. paralyzed for life. why do you people ignore these warnings. each year millions die. you may think this is common sense. then why do so many wind up dead. cutting your throat is like cutting your own throat. there is not a doubt about it. your gonna die. keep your head and arms inside the bus. otherwise you might lose them. to avoid danger of suffocation keep this plastic bag away from babies & children. do not use in cribs, beds, carriages, or play pens.

6. columbus fest is a celebration of genocide
O.H.I.O - i don't want to fucking go! every year a hardcore fest celebrates geonocide. native americans are insulted with countless crappy bands and go nowhere workshops. home of the native americans is now home of shitty distros. O.H.I.O - i don't want to fucking go! columbus arrives slaughters the natives creates a wasteland and calls it ohio. natives only remembered by tribal drum intros, lame tribal tattoos and white male guilt. O.H.I.O - i don't want to fucking go! nagasaki, hiroshima, auschwitz, los angeles, homestead, O HI O!

7. wigout at kinko's
zines killing trees, littering our scene, nothing is unique so they better be free! let's wig out at kinkos! GO! photos of the cool bands for this season. political advice on how to commmit treason. regurgitated bullshit xeroxed for the masses. these rags would be better for wiping asses. do something new and make it real funny. otherwise, don't ask me for my money.

8. end result of drinking too much iced tea -
hoss has another kidney stone!

9. bonus track
bonus tracks don't come with lyrics

10. sneakers
originally by the teen idles. covers don't come with lyrics either.

11. freegan reich
militant against commitment, holier than ovo-lactos. ice cream is your weakness cheese pizza's fine meatless. tote a gun in the name of a clever pun. every time you justify another animal fucking dies. you firestorm a bakery, yet you'll dive their dumpster sitting on a fence thinking you're on a pedastol. forget about your morals with your alleyway crew. diving many dumpsters eating blocks of cheese until a rusty needle gives you a disease. i refuse..i refuse to be a member of your freegan reich.


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