108 "songs of separation"

1) OppositionYour hypocrisy Your empty religion Your proud hollow philosophy Consumerism, thrice daily cannibalism Your tv Your constant sexuality I oppose, vehemently I vow

2) DeathbedI remember when you cried With your eyes on fire With the gale in your lungs, Screamed your throat red But now it’s getting colder… What happened to you? You’re on your deathbed I remember when you laughed With the sunlight on your lips Sun rising high On your early morning smile But you’re not waking up this time… Breathless cries over lifeless eyes Your body is here, but you’re not That thing that screamed with me And dreamed with me That thing that laughed with me And cried with me That same thing lies before me On this deathbed But where are you? You’re not on your deathbed

3) NoonenomoreInvested your identity In a world that raped you of your entity Projected personality On a world-less individuality I look in my eyes and I see no one I look deep into your eyes: no one My colour and my fire Sapped by the external objects I desire I drown in my melodrama, My soul leaks out the cracks I looked in my eyes and I saw no one I stared a mile into my smile: no one No one no more I know I’m someone, And I know that there is something more I know your world is nothing Nothing in it for me anymore I turn my back on your corpse hearted “reality” I walk right out that door I disaccept your nothingness I am your no one no more

4) Son Of NandaBoth in the day and in the night, I remain sleepless; Suffering the pain of the loss and gain For a fraction of a smile I’ll suffer the trial, Of a million mindless misers (they call themselves my boss) what’s the price of the “lifestyle”?

5) WomanDid you really fall for this again? Did you believe that he was a man? Did you think there was something real In the things we’ve said. Just to be a lord over you (in bed) ? He’ll tell you everything You’ll ever want to hear Cause he wants to be you most dear He wants to be the reason for you tear And the music that’s playing in your ear He wants to be your reservoir of pleasure And wants to be your heart’s only treasure Your everything, your only-thing Your god, he wants to be your god How far you fall for it – how far you fall He’s the only “he” What you see in me, that’s a falsity Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami This ain’t no song of flattery I’m pointing out our stupidity: Dumb femminity, dumb masculinity Think about it Did you dream you were more than his trophy? Sex turn you to dirt, a non-entity Sex turns you (us) to stone and that’s reality

6) Shun The MaskTear tears through my eye A screaming struggle To shin the shallow me The calculated “I” Penetrate the pretense Of this plastic life Hard? Yes it’s hard (what did you expect?) easy life – easy lie Crackerjack smile is cracked I spy the lie decry the lie Jack tragic trace: Tear etching scars your caked On clown face I shun the mask I’ll never put it back

7) ThornChew the thorn Drink the blood Call it pleasure But you’ll never quench that thirst Sex is suffering Bleed the envy Bleed the jealousy Bleed the heartache Call it pleasure Chew the thorn I won’t

8) SolitaryCondemned cell incarcerates me No walls, no bars on this cage It’s just “me” The penitentiary is my “identity” In this solitary I learn what it’s like to be so Alone Crouched in a lonesome corner I shiver Head faced to the wall my eyes Glued to the mirror Masculinity beats the living hell out of me Vanity is only my reality My only cold companion Each moment without you I die Each moment without you I die Each moment without you I die O, Krishna

9) I Am NotYou try to shoot me down Your mouth is like a loaded gun A million cries of a billion lies That’s your ammunition Miconception Dissemination of false information Stereotyped Perceptions But I am not as you portray me The pictures you paint of my face The images don’t convey me Obscuration The confusion you usher I prolongs This dark age’s ignorant duration

10) WeaponThis is the weapon of real revolution This is the fire of the final rebellion Politics, that ain’t gonna solve this Sociologist, your plan is useless Without the heart being changed You won’t do nothing but re-arrange The dearanged situation Of human exploitation And that is why I imply. This is the weapon of the real revolution Unlock the coils The clamped around your spiritual frame By crying out the holyname

11) Govinda-VirahenaYuga-yitam nimo-shena Chakshusha pravrisha-yitam Shunya-yitam jagat sarvam Govinda-virahena me Moments drag on for ages Eyes shower storms of tears The whole world is am empty void Without you, govinda

12) Hostage: IReturn the hostage, return the hostage: I The hollowness within me burns Without me “I’m” a plastic hide Inside I hide a brutal void Release me, release the hostage: I This situation is self degradation My will becomes nill Just a slave to the thrill Of the pain instilling chilling killing Of my self-willing devotion Hostage: I, held in the web of my own lie The hollowness inside, it burns a man alive I am yours, and you are mine This is the true self I need I bleed to find Give me back to me And I’ll give me back to you

13) Request Denied“Return to madness” I ponder on your dark embrace “Return to lunacy” Mesmerized, I drift towards the brink “Return to madness” About to extinguish my heart “Return to a world for me” I must not accept your relentless request I can not accept your relentless request I will not I will not I will not I will not Your request is denied, denied

14) PaleDown Pulled down Pulled down by the current Into the ocean of misery Dragged out by the mainstream Washed out by the waves Of convenience and compliancy Time has dyed your substance pale Time, won’t dye my substance pale One path for me through destiny And I will tread it till the blood red end Because I stand in the shelter Of the strength of my lord I stand in the shelter Of the strength of my lord I’m looking at you, with the yawning jaws of Normalcy stretched wide beneath your stride What’s your plan to save your ass From the 9 to 5 scam? Without a lifelong movement, Without a spiritual society, There ain’t no sanctuary from popular insanity Or will you just add the death toll?


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