Gauze "Equalizing Distort"

Katte Ni Sarase[Do Anything You Like]

Cold cityAt midnight, without light All anarchists just run All crazy souls are not be free We are just paranoid Shab [speed] anpoun [sniffing glue] marijuana I don't give a shit In the morning I wake up by delayed alarm clock I start running to be nervous It is not like that things you have to do Be selfish never stop

Fact and Criminal

You are satisfied to use the way To swallow all my sperm You like being satisfied To steal everything from me Fact and criminal Me and you Fact and criminal Me and you In with empty brain Hanging around with a big face/head I never win against people with tattoo [Yakuza]

Pa Pa Pa[Stupid Stupid Stupid]

I'm stoned and hanging around Stamping trash Give me drugs to be fine For empty brain Stupid stupid stupid I have to keep on drinking Otherwise I lean on the wall and sink I wanna sleep with pleasure For empty brain stupid stupid stupid Give me stupid stupid stupid

Pressing On

Make enemy more and more Don't compromise to lie Be alive to be hated I can see everybody is scared of something Pressing on Go to be angry Make enemy more and more Make enemy make you strong no to lose Don't lie, never give up Be angry, don't cry, be alive Crash the Pose Crash the pose Put my dickhead in tofu Put Soya sauce, and then you are happy Vegetarian

Crash the pose

Crash the lie Don't eat this! Don't eat that I don't have to obey you I'm satisfied to eat Crash the pose Crash the lie Eat meat Fuck off the vegetarian Crash the pose Posh stupid people, don't say anything Spent much money to buy nature Don't be satisfied Crash the pose Whale and human flesh, if I get hungryI eat them, eat them, eat them

Thrash Thrash Thrash

D.O.L.L.D.O.L.L.You write articles that are nothing I hate the photos in your magazine Thrash silly magazineD.O.L.L.D.O.L.L. If you use my photo on your dirty paper Comercial dirty paper If you print my picture I kill youD.O.L.L.D.O.L.L.Band belong to them Not giving money Write article satisfy

Low Charge

They steal money from poor people Give empty teenagers stupid information Feel like being a superstar Hold stupid teens popularity In commercialism, take much money Low charge Wasting money Low charge You don't have to pay much money to them Meeting at 6 o'clock in the morning, be in dirty van,Working in a dirty placeWorking hard, getting small money Just two concerts my money has gone

Absinth Trip

Spit on the person who I try to cheat Absinth trip losing voiceTears in your sensitive eyes Depending on the wave Forgiven, loved Bending body Sleeping to be relaxed Absinth trip Broken bottle bited kiss [hard kiss]I love the woman looks like a doll I destroy myself She left hair on the bed

Distort Japan

Imitating the best Change the direction in the point Good at being smart Killing yourself by your insecurity Twisting Tokyo Osaka Stupid Kyushu Nagoya Discover Japan Distort Japan Good at war declare Good at war, good at losing war Changing thinking, changing direction America is the best Stupid!!

I I Nari[Obey Authority Without Question]

Desire, money, business, compromising Carving sharp horn Carving sharp horn by fileWhy you listen to them!!Desire, money, business, compromising Products of commercialism Crap product without anything Desire, money, business, compromising Setting up, whatever they want Setting up, to lie, to smile Why not realize!!


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