Orchid - Totality

01. New Ideas In Mathematics
I know it's all wrong,
But that's the only way.
Breathe in the dust..
Im leaving...
I hold hands with failure because we are quite a pair.
I've never met someone so loyal,
But i'm leaving you behind.
I know it's all wrong, but that's the only way.

02. Beautification Committee
Maybe we should blow this town up.
You, me, and some dynamite.
We'll hold hands and watch it burn.
Breaking windows and chalking words... My heart is beating so fast.
i can hardly breathe.
Maybe we should blow this whole town up.
We'll hold hands and watch it burn to the ground.

03. Ding Dong Dead
Your wife hates you.
We're doing donuts on your lawn.
It's hard to look good all the time, isn't it?
Drag the bones out.
"This wine tastes so sweet".
Well, it tastes like turpentine to me.
Drag the bones out one by one.
It's do or die.

04. Mono vs. Stereo
Don't froget me
When you're at the thrift shop
I'll stare at my shiny shoes
And look back and laugh
"I haven't heard that in a while"
Feel the need to roll with the punches
An interest in psuedo-progression
"I haven't heard that in a while"

05. Lucky 13
Open your mouth a little bit wider
Wider, wider, wider
You dance better than anyone i know
I know, i know, i know
The only song that exist are theones
I hear when we touch.
You're the reason music is played.

06. Intelligable Audio
Seems like it's been forever, doesn't it?
It all seems so different now,
But we haven't changed as much as we'd
like to think. No we haven't change as
Much as we'd like to think.
You still smile the same, and
You know just what to do.
We know the scabs and we pick them all the time
I'll rip off yours and you can rip off mine.
Just like old times.
I'll rip off yours and you can rip off mine.
Just like old times. I miss it, Oh I miss it.
No one does it quite like you.

07. She Has A Cold, Cold Heart
. . .

08. Eye Gouger
You better watch the xxxx out, this is destruction.
Change the sheets for company, we may never leave.
Rainbows and spit that last forever.
Rainbows and spit that last forever.

09. Panopticism
Is the first wander, the gauze gaze.
Sometimes the best secrets are the worst kept.
You're the only one? Prove it. Prove it.
I see it twisting my feet waiting for the first.
We should laugh so its not obvious.
You held my hand too tight for too long

10. Mean S.O.B.
With eyes closed, you close your fist.
They tell you what to see.
Long arm fell short, you're property until you earn enough to own.
Work hard ethic is a lie.

11. 36 Day Syndrome
I miss you arms around me,
If I only knew this would be our last kiss.
My best was never good enough
But, you were my favorite mistake.
And I wonder do you still think of me?

12. O.S.K.
For the love of hate,
For the pretty ones.
Tear off this face, and
I'll still be singled out.
Eat the candy (shit) you deserve
I'll be sure to step on your toes.
I'll piss on your sunshine parade.
I'll piss on your sunshine parade.
Sinserity trips me up.
Laugh as I stumble.
One day...
One day I promise.

13. Stagnant
Deny the existence of...
Your philosophical orgasm.
Come down off your soapbox
It's been stood on before.
So much pride in you stagnant idea
Preaching the sermon to the converted.
Tunnel vision.
I'm still looking for answers,
But your answers leave me with more questions.
It fits into your comfortable life
Not everybody has it so easy.
Deny. Deny the outside world and atrophy.

14. Hit The Ground
Scream your name
To the deafest of the dumb.
The darker the better,
I still shake when I see you,
That's not alright.
I want to rip you to pieces
Kiss you until you remember what I meant to you.
I will try my hand at forever.
How can I walk away when I can barely stand?

15. Consumed
Mouth wide shut try not to breath
Pakaged idocy what they want you to be
"I'll eat that shit up with a spoon"
Make it easy. managable.
Unseen overseer.
Makes it easier to swallow
Spoonful of sugar bowlfull of shit
They want you weak and stupid
The motherfucked you all

16. A Written Apology
I can't go home
Tail between my legs
Face to the wind
Face to the wind
Sick of disspointing
Sick of dissapointments
Nothings good enough
When nothings good
I can only say I'm sorry
It all seems so hopeless
No help for the help less
Tired forever
Tired forever

17. Pledge
By the people, for the people
Without and despite us
This money run, partirachial lie
Should be shattered
One nation under rich white men
I will never put my hand over my heart
And pledge my allegiance to this
I'd fight against you, sooner than for you
Policing the world
When we can't trust our own police
Shirked responsibility at any cost
As long as its at no cost to you
You owe us
We pay your debts everyday

18. The Easy One
Plastic box culture crash keeps you in the line
Sedated consciousness
Dry eyes dry mind
Face first to the ground you bury your head
Electronic sickness
Dry eyes dry times

19. Angel
Kiss my hand
I'm gone, you're my angel
Forgot my name
Isn't it funny how things happen?
Since when was I the lucky one?
Judged by letters
Judged by your eyes
Stolen breath
Stolen glances
Sick with this I'll savor the pain
It replaces itself

20. Notes From A Smooth Talker
Set up shot down.
One time too many
I'm the pretentious asshole you know, the one who hates you.
I can only say i don't care so many time before it's true
If the shoe fits, cut off your toes
We always fall for that one

21. T-120
. . .

22. Halving The Bones
Too late for never
I've kissed my last goodbye
You won't kill me, I'm dead
How far it's gone to save the face I've lost long ago
I was lost without you
Now i'm just lost

23. September 18, 1998
. . .

24. Weekend At The Fire Academy
How quaint you can spit farther than me.
Your life straight from a movie scene.
Now on a movie screen.
Sliver skies and black eyes.
I want a peice of cake.
Get your hands off my presents.
Kiss on the face.
Slap on the cheek.
I'll be the one who takes my chances.
Sort of sad, isn't it?
It's hard to forget the friend who makes the scene on T.V.
My baby makes the scene on T.V.
She makes the scene on T.V.
Who's like that anyway?


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