Shikari - 1999-2003

1. Post Student Syndrome
Prospects of a new life, planning, cash in, cash out
Weigh every step I take
Live up to every expectation that rests on my shoulder
And now I talk to the mouth of some lost soul that never matched up to his own
And I wonder how many careers are based on true motivation.

Are mine true enough to make it through time
I’ll serve mine and already apologize for failing
I dare you to say you live the life you dreamed of
Consequences first, step out of line, severe damage for sure, think it over first.

2. Copycat

I keep hearing what was said long before
Synchronized mouths a copy of dim light
Is what remained
The worst has still to come,
But you don’t know and you never will

No gods, no masters
Your revolution is not much more
Than a piece of paper
Tell me whom are you fooling
Don’t expect me to strife on your side
No progression made

3. Robot Wars
Robot wars, no remorse, metal bloodshed
Robot wars, shred to pieces, ripped apart total devestation
Killing is the game, robot wars the name
Two warriors, battleground, till the end

All hail to SHIKARI, all hail to ROBOT WARS
Let the battles start
Death machinery
Robot wars
Let’s do some damage
Dead metal, Mathilda, Sgt.Bash, Robot wars

4. …And Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out
Made a blueprint for my own reassurance
Funny, how everything seems to be falling apart
When the most precious of thoughts is proven wrong
Made a blueprint to cut out my insecurities
Now I can only question the need of trying to structure my life
Never thought that anyone
Could break down this fortress
And leave me in ruins like this
And I can only ask myself, was
It worth, rationalize thoughts,
Can I, can I…
What is love, is this love
Can I love, will I love…

5. Written In Some Depressive Mood
This room is too small
I hate this room, it’s not mine
I hold the key but there’s no keyhole, no exit
It’s like a rope tightened around my neck
Forced to swallow, choking

Another 25 years tied down on these restrictions
Just the thought
Break the burden
Kill that thought
My own noise

6. Encounters
Standing on behalf of the crowd
Thinking where did
I bring myself and you ask
What’s the threat?

I keep running into disillusion
It’s hard not to be cynical
Alternative nation inhibited
By leaders and followers
Who do you identify with?
Don’t you know
You have to choose sides
Let the cleansing begin
Be sure to wear the right stigma

All I believed in faded away
Are my expectations too high
Or are you afraid of recognition
And admit it at the same time

My hero died today and
I held the knife
Walked right into it

If this is the current state
Of evolutions, count me out
My hero died today
And I should have seen it coming…

7. You Know So Well
What did I say? What did I do?
This view of mine will probably never fit in
What did you say? What did you do?
Oh, you know so well how I should succeed
Please go
Set things straight in your own pathetic world first
Shut up and stay out of mine

8. Fuel
This is my st(h)atement
What won’t regress my motivation
Is my own reversion
Of the herds of know-it-alls
That seems to surround me daily
Setting fire to settled structures
The present order until there’s
No more now and here
Fear down the monuments
Burn their churches
I feed on you, you give me reason to
I love to despise
For the hope
A better day
I feed on the hate you sow

9. In Existence
Did the thought of seeking beyond the boundaries of our enclosing existence ever cross your mind?
We get a fix on
greed and consumption
trained into perfection
living an assumption
We are deceived in our loves, fights and motivations
I truly wish that we just could all see through the blinds
create your own existence

10. The Kids Shouldn't Be Playing With Fire
Integrity seems really hard to hold on to when integrity can be bought and sold
if you can't live up to your won set of values, why bother?
stop trying making up excuses, it's obvious you're willing to sell yourself out,
why even speak of politically awareness when the only policy is you
can't start a fire as long as the consequences won't outgrow the level of giving it a serious thought, oh no, imagine!!

this is your policy of me
only suited up till here
a policy of me
only valid now and here
tell me, tell me
wait, nevermind your story, I bet it will fit into your pathetic little world, you've justified it all haven't you?
kids shouldn't be playing with what they don't know how to handle, leave your policy at home, so it's there where I can burn it down

11. Tekila
Step into a never ending circle that feels so familiar, never asking for a direction,
lead me into your love
this time, I just know it's for real
this time. this is how you make me feel
this time, not gonna let it go
this scene looks so familiar
I've played thsi part before
it's the one where I lost my lines
the director shouted "cut" and I kept talking
and even though I can't remember the words
it must have been the right script
and if you ever wondered why, I can't stop, can't get enough?
I want you to feel, I want you to be here, feel your presence and I love to love you

12. Attitude
Would it make a difference if you'd be born with your mouth stuffed?
you talk so much it makes no sense at all
just plain repetitions. waht have you got to add?
an advertisement of something i'll never be a part
in the name of shut up and play
a culture of apathy
fuck it, not afraid to say
fuck it you won't save the day
fuck it this must come really hard
fuck it please tear us apart
your interpretation of a so called open mind means nothing more but blind acceptance of a goal justifying the means, your attitude mistaken for an opinion.
to me you're nothing but scared

13. Dead Men
What makes this anger grow
frustration building up inside of me
the inability of getting through to you
a blind acceptance of the role they assigned to you
have you ever wondered who told you what to do?

Dead men

A heart at twenty, a mere consumer at thirty, when did you stop feeling like you did?
your heart didn't stop beating, you didn't stop breathing, still it seems to me as if everything just quit

Such a sad story that's meant to be so unreal but the laughter remains rather dimm playing your role as I'm watching you sliding away. what's left?, your prospects, your future?

Anger builds inside of me, I wish I could light the fire, make you realize and live again.
I wish I set the world alight, make everyone see, hear and feel, I wish I could

14. Morning Wood
See me here
drowning in
some self created form of misery

Nothing else seems to matter at all, nothing of any relevance, will release me from here
hit me hard, then cut me deep, it might just hurt or put me to sleep
please last for another day, comforts me more than it should, gives me the relief, the need more than anything would

Caught up in self reflection, swallowed with appreciation
nothing else seems to matter at all but even I realize that I'll have to

Wake up

Nothing of any relevance matters here, self reflection, appreciation comforts me, then I'll wake up again

15. Utopia Dismantled
Life reduced to a concrete wish. Simplification of our wants and needs and eventually transformed into an ultimate attempt of forcing patterns upon us. Don't think we'll think for you. Satisfaction gained out of emptiness. Our homes as the imagination of the circle of demise we're in. Concrete = freedom. Trapped into a steel caged. Life's being decided for you.

Nevermind the wealth your bathing in, we'll turn it into mud for you, but don't fear, your smile never fades in this utopia especially build for you. You'll never see. You'll never realize

16. The Last Thing
Bless myself with this fucking gift of saying the right thing when it's need to be said.
So well thought, almost real, one day and I'll start believing it myself
Bless myself being so goddamn rational, so much sense when the damage is already done

And even though, I must say that it does make sense to me, it feels like shit
The last thing I ever wanted to hear that it's probably the best for the both of us

These words are me, I know but I swear I didn't have to use ‘em
These words are mine, I know but I hate it, them coming out of my mouth

A price I was more than willing to pay to keep me from drifting from you or me

17. Biela
Toca Biela
Viva la Biela
La Biela es nuestra vida!

(Listen up!
Play Biela
Long live Biela
Biela is our lives!)

18. Fall on Proverb (Unbroken Cover)
My hands are open
Can`t you see them being burned
This faith is the deepest
You could ask for what`s remembered
With the guilt wrapped around our necks
That`s right I just stopped what I didn`t start
I missed the chance that will never come
Better to regret what I have done
I`d give anything just to forget
A smile so worthwhile
But you can only rent it
My hands are open

19. Ons Land (Our Country)
Welvaartsstaat Nederland, ons knus cultuurtje, ons kikkerland
Toppunt van onnozelheid, alleen heet het hier gezelligheid
Met z'n allen voor de buis, kijken naar het koningshuis
Toppunt van onnozelheid, alleen heet her hier gezelligheid
We doen niet moeilijk, het hoort erbij, we kijken al uit naar de dag
Waar zij gaan, zullen wij staan, wapperend met orange vlag
We doen niet moeilijk, het hoort erbij, her huwelijk van de eeuw
Hoe kun je niet verlangen naar het wuiven van haar hand
De herinnering dat we leven, leven in een geweldig land.

(Welfare state Holland, our comfy little culture, our frogland
Pinnacle of silliness, except here it's called cosiness
Everybody in front of the box, watching the royal house
Pinnacle of silliness, except here it's called cosiness
We're not being difficult, it's all part of the game, we're looking forward for the way
Where they'll go, is where we'll stand, waving the orange flag
We're not being difficult, it's all part of the game, the wedding of the century
Where they'll go, is where we'll stand, proud as we are of the lion
How could you not long, for the waving of her hand
The reminder that we live, live in a wonderful land.)


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