40s Are For Molotovs
why support the people who wantto pacify and kill you our worst enemies let's throw back the shit they sell us don't dilute your anger let it burn
All The Assholes Are Heroes Now
As they tighten their grip we stand strong. All the assholes are heroes now. The masses cry for leaders who are just selling a false sense of security to legitamize their government. They can make us safe? Can they make us safe? If they can make us safe tell that to the thousands dead.
Apocalypse Riders
Industrial collapse. The wheels of the machine grind to a halt living in excess. Greedy bastards. We've closed in on ourselves. Detached from nature. Technology's children must fend for themselves. Dwindling resources. This lifestyle cannot be maintained. The bike punx will rule the wasteland. The wells run dry. Running on fumes when your car comes to a sputtering halt. We will become apocalypse riders. When wheels of steel dance on your graves you will fear apocalypse riders
Atkins' America
what ever happened to diet and exercise. depriving yourself and working real hard. a gimmick. a line of products. youll see results but at what cost. you cant call it healthy living. this is just a passing fad. and whatever happened to dr. atkins? didnt he have a heart attack? atkins' america.
Beatdown Collective
you can twinkle your fingers, isntead im going to make a fist. this community is my life and i will defend it. we are easy targets because were already hurt. reluctant to use violence. weve been on the other end. i am p.c. but i aint no pacifist.
Bring It!
get the fuck up! from the restless sleep of your guilty conscience. your comfort zone is coming to an end. prepare for war. arm yourselves. im afraid of chains. im afraid of bars, but i dont really care if i die. we wont get to choose when its time to fight, but when its time to fight - bring it!
Circle That @ Motherfucker
it will never happen dismissed as childish just another idealist condesend all you want circle that @ motherfucker you're too cool for politics i'd rather live a fantasy than what you think is real if i can dream it then why should i try for anything less
Do It Yourself Or Do It With Friends
a booking agent to fill in gaps. to help with tours, to get you on the opening slots of package tours. do it yourself or do it with friends. its not fair to all our fans. not everyone can come see us. we just need a bigger space. clear channel is the only choice. sometimes youve got to take that stand. sometimes you have to go without. sometimes you have to play two shows. sometimes you have to work real hard. we dont need to make that change. we dont need to play that game. someone has to keep it real. someone has to keep the faith.
Godless Freedom Fighters
we are the godless freedom fighters. we are atheists in foxholes. bastard children of an absentee father who left us behind. sadistic fucker, he could save us all but were left to die. dangling salvation in front of our noses if we play his game. fighting for now. as far as i know were going nowhere. there will be no crosses. there will be no crescents. there will be black stars.
there is a difference between us. you came here to get something. i came here to make something. and you know i did. im not going anywhere. but obviously you are. so save my time and save your breath and make a swift exit. dont stick around and criticize when you offer nothing. this is not a dumping ground for you malcontents. you wont burn me out with your irony. a martyr for failure. i have no sympathy.
Goose Music
a natural history that ive been denied. i miss things that ive never known. saving fragments is a noble effort, but what we need is intangible. you dont know what youre missing. you dont know what youre losing.
Headbutt Cat
D.I.Y. underground laotian food. The pigs shut you down, but you struggle on! Headbutt, the Bluetarp Cat!!
Ian Mackaye Is My Savior, Not Jesus
add a forth xwe don't depend addicted to nothing that includes god set yourself free heard mentality individuality died on that cross all we have is each other all we need is ourselves no divine intervention or strength from your god
If Our Leaders Are Impotent Only The People Can Rise
could the spies and satellites just not see the crowds fathered against milosevic? standing on bridges holding bulls eyes to send a message that collateral damage has a face. if our leaders are impotent only the people can rise.
Jesus' Middle Initial Does Not Stand For Hardcore
In The Name Of The father In The Name Of The son In The Name Of The holy spirt NOOO not on my watch not on my time not at this show it's my choice you will never steal these kids not on my watch will minds be enslaved not on my time will your voice be heard not at this show will you recruit these kids
Job Stoppers
balancing starvation and slavery how the career consumes your life defined by what i love not what pays the rent out of the cubicle and into the piten during injury to ride my bike gladly burning bridges doors shut lock burned
Kids Who Mosh Like Assholes Must Make For Selfish Lovers
why cant ever show be a safe space. where every kid has a smile on their face? fuck sadistic rites of passage. selfish lover. its all about you. isnt it more fun when we all get off? i never wanted to hurt anyone. amongst my friends. i have nothing to prove. i dont understand what motivates you.
More Than Just Escapism
why do you need that drink in your hand why do you need the drugs you take are you not happy here this is no community ultimate expression of our art but still it's not fulfilling enough look at who you surround yourself with no one to look up to or live up to always always occupied another project to pass the timeless afraid of doing time than tearing down the walls from around our hearts to opportnities pass you by another mission to pass the time another martyr crucified revolution or distraction we work on ourselves but not each otherself absorbed we go no further drunk or distracted to stagnation nothing more than escapism
No Circle Pits In Heaven
no circle pits in heaven so we will mosh in hell as you wait for the rapture we will live for now some day you will wake up in paradise we try and make it here and now no circle pits in heaven no circle pits in heaven no circle pits in heaven no after life you accepted his love to enter above no deeds or worth you just negate (accountability)won't work to make things better here cause heaven waits waiting for you
Rarity Unto Death
they used to blacken the sky. they used to thunder the woods. they used to fly in the sea. they used to transit the globe. slaughtered for markest. clubbed for bait. drowned in long lines. destroyed their homes. long gone but not forgotten: ivory billed woodpecker, carolina parakeet, passenger pigeon, and the great auk. labrador duck, bachmans warbler, eskimo curlew, and the heath hen.
Rockin With Kropotkin
you dissed the bropotk into go stright for the rockin but it's ok to just buy records on our shift but don't forget to buy some books and zines you definetly gotta get your anarcho learn on the wooden shoe's got all you need from howard zinn to durrutti
Roll Over And Die
musk ox. caribou and polar bears are displaced from the north. they are streaming south and theyre coming for you. roll over and die. recuding gas mileage is all it would take. for this gluttony you all must pay. your car rolls over as you try to escape. the bear closes in sealing your fate.
Smack The State/ Rock Out With Your Black Bloc Out
they might have won the battle but the war's not yet won messenger bag full of bricks gonna have some fun you may never smash the state but at least you can give it a good smack may not accomplish anything but at least i try better than the other option roll over and die random acts of vandalism is my revenge on the system futile act of anarchism but in my mind i stright up dissed em take revenge on the system revenge take revenge on the system revenge
Sophomore Effort
welcome to our sophomore effort. dont you think our sounds matured? son well have a booking agent. then well be on the warped tour. our politics will be toned down. then well have a publicist. well have a song on tony hawk and a vans sponsorship. we paid our dues. we have to eat. we paid our dues. got bills to pay.
The Curse Of Philadelphia
if you leave youll be admitting defeat and well all have to accept it. we were the kids who stuck it out. we were the kids who didnt flee. of all of us whove made this stand you were the only to go this far. and i cant stand to see you go. its the curse of this town. will l&i and its puppeteers have their way? philadelphia shoots itself in the foot. still young to decide to be left here with nothing but my pride.
The Lump In Your Throat
to suffer through a funeral, a sibling, a parent, a close friend. forever remember its always this hard. think before you speak. can life get much worse? is it really worth it? if your kid does not come back, you must have no heart to support the war. is death what it will take to bring you to your senses? ill feel bad for you when you feel the consequences. i know my parents love me. they are against this war, because the big limp in their throats is still so fucking sore.
Ulock Justice
for everytime i hear them say get the fuck out of the way i will defend my right of way that heap of steel i'm gonna slay i'll thrash you i'll bash youi'll kick in your doors break out your windows and scratch your paint apologize for oil wars apologize for polluting my air in some cases cars are ok but when i'm on the street you're all my enemies
The War On Self Esteem
Bombardment of the senses billions spend on sewing the seeds of self-doubt and inadequacy spreading the disease of self-loathing and they want to sell us the cure i won't buy what they've stolen they can't sell my life back to me i refuse to hate myself break the cycle of breaking people
Unhindered By Hope
i accepted long ago that this is a lost cause. but still i go on without hope. im not living for a dream disllusion has been beaten out of me. my country is frightening. it spites the whole fucking world. and if we all get blown up well get what we deserve.
W.w.d.j.d? (i Doubt Vote For Bush)
your morality makes me sick. if jeses was real. hed damn you all to hell for co-opting his name. do you really care about life? soldiers, conscripts, victims - these are actual people who will actually be missed. if theres a hell surely youll burn. infinity justice. youll reap what youve sewn.
Wall Of Death The System
See the cops ahead,link arms!March in unison,now charge!WALL OF DEATH THE SYSTEM!!!A MOSHTROCITY!
Your Apathy Makes This An Institution
why am i responsible to do everything for uguilty of initiative and my sentance is to serve you you apathy makes this an institutuion you apathy brings monopoly you apathy makes this an institutuion you apathy brings monopoly it's do it yourself not do it for me and if you keep running your mouth, instead of busting your ass it will never change


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