Orchid - Gatefold

01. Amherst Pandamonium (Part 1)
You own.
You own everything.
That's why there is nothing new.
That is the face of the change.
All in all,
This is the face of the change.
Why not face it?
I've seen the old guard running around.
All of these kids are cops in my town.
I've seen the old guard run us down.
This is the face of change.
Face of the one.
Face of the framed.

02. Amherst Pandamonium (Part 2)
You all talk the same,
Calling out.
Your turned to facts,
Calling out,
"The old guard is dead!"
"The old guard is dead!"
"The old guard is dead;
I've seen it with my own eyes!"
Regroup and strategize.

03. Chaos Ain't Me
Your chaos ain't me.
It's a hat that I put on and I wore it for too long.
And I hate to break your little heart,
But chaos definitely ain't you,
No matter what the shirt says.
Buy a book.
Read up.
I'm on every page.

04. Loft Party
You tell me that passion's passe.
You're just in it for the breaks.
Well the breaks break me down,
Now how does that sound?
And in 1999 all the kid stood in line,
But now our party's a bore and we don't care.
We'll take Brooklyn over Manhattan any day of the week.
And our party's mystique will be our capability to think.
We got it. You want it.
Don't have it? You flaunt it.
And it fits just right, too tight.

05. I Wanna Fight
This is a letter to you:
"Hey friend, you don't know me,
but you think you do,
and I want you too.
I'm everybody's friend,
and I'm personally connected with you.
This song's on the house,
and this one's for you.
I don't like the way you're treating me.
I wanna fight. Settle it right.
I forgot your name, but I'd be happpy to
beat you to death with a pool cue."

06. A Visit From Dr. Goodsex
Purse you lips and pump your hips
And purse your lips and pump your hips.
I can't begin to understand...
God damn. God damn. God damn.
I start sweating about the time your hand hits my back.
I can't begin to understand...
God damn. God damn. God damn.
We were kissing an hour before our lips met.
I never wanted to have sex till you asked me.
God damn. God damn. I'm a brand new man.
God damn, god damn, god damn; I'm a brand new man.

07. We Love Prison
Got time to learn?
Discipline. Discipline.
What's his face said
What's his name?
All the same.
What's the date?
I can't recall a thing.
Good god, dole it out.
Good god, dole it out
'cause I've been so bad.
So bad, so bad. Good god
Dole it out cause he's always home and the belt's always off.
Good god
Dole it out because I need to be told exactly
what to do.
Dole it out. Dole it out. Dole it out.

08. Fashion Meets Passion
Misaligned misaligned.
Where does my allegiance go?
My heart spits soul.
That's just the way it goes.
Cut off t-shirts make me feel fierce
and you're the dearest to my heart.
Duplication of the commmunique.

09. Trail of the Unknown Body
. . .

10. Class Pictures
You're charitable objectivity doesn't exist.
Aesthetic historical is not dialectical
because the reference is gone.
Where did it go? A past so far gone.
My body of work is exploitation,
And I must say it's astounding.

11. No, We Don't Have Any T-Shirts
Classified with that shit I can't stand.
Gave myself a hand for the grandstand.
It's no fun being the "postmodern posterchild,"
When no one knows what that is.
What gives when content takes a holiday
and the kids have nothing left to say?
well we're here today.
Here today.
We're here.
So buy a record from that band you can't stand,
but don't you dare take a stand.
Don't you dare take a stand.

12. Dissidents In Love
It's you and I vs. everybody.
It's us vs. the squares.
You're my Bernadine Dorhn.

13. Flip the Tape
You and me make out in your car 'till our lips bleed.
The tape flips over and over again.
I stop breathing.
The tape flips over and over again.
I stop breathing.

14. Anals Nin By Numbers
I sweat everytime you smoke,
And I've never seen anything like this.
When you wear that it drives me crazy.
I've never seen anything like this.
Sometimes I forget.
Sometimes I forget myself.

15. Tigers
I kiss the girls that speak Marcuse.
I kiss the boys that speak Foucault.
I love the kids that know Adorno,
and snub their noses at kids who don't.
I make love in theory and touch myself in practice.
What's good for posture is good for the pose.
Who let the tigers out to kill all the lovers?

16. Let's Commodify Sexuality
I've never seen a scene like this.
It's not like the parties we have.
I like it too much.
Screw just because you want to.
Screw because it's fun.
Screw because they don't want you to.
No useless leniency.
Capture the crests.
Capture the violence.
Make it accessible.
Make it sing our song.
I wear pink because all the girls do.
How about you?
Transitions are smooth with a hand up my skirt.
Sex sells more record than rock,
so let's fuck and forget the background hum.

17. Discourse of Desire
Discourse of desire.
Artifice fueled by oils and balms.
Rosy cheeks are for pinching and my body's mine to touch.
That's what I get.
Love myself.
That's what I get.
Fuck myself.
That's what I get.
That's what I get.
Love myself, fuck myself.

18. None More Black
We all need a little penetration.
We all speak our own languages in conversations.
We all need our own generation.
What's mine? What's mine?

Are you defined by this false desire?
Has this false flame put out the fire?
This inverted itch we scratch and bleed for what?

Are you defined by this false desire?
Has this false satisfaction put out the fire?
Get righteous. Get right.

19. Impersonating Martin Rev
. . .


hey dude, can you put all the lyrics of LOS CRUDOS please?!
and im sorry my english sucks

September 28, 2009 at 2:49 AM  

life is not counted by the number of breaths
i have sweating problem, and i dont worry about it. i have to experiment with different deodorants, if none work too well , i try the new 'sure'

one. if its still bad go to the doctors and they can give somthing (: i also found the stop sweating and start living

March 18, 2011 at 12:09 AM  

מצאתי אתר מעולה שאפשר להכיר בו בחינם :)
הכרויות בחינם

March 18, 2011 at 12:53 PM  

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