01. Destination: Blood!!
This is our party
We pick the records
We set the dresscode
And make love on the dance floor.
Like it or not we're the only game in town!

02. To Praise Prosthesis
A machine put in my baboon heart.
And thanks to my new hip I can walk again.
What's so good about being human?
Just a construct-changing definition,
For changing boundries.
My iron lung helps me breathe.
And third glass eye helps keep up appearances.
I'm a technological marvel.

03. Lights Out
You are, you are, and you are...
And I am your warm body
How bad does it hurt?
I feel nothing
But you breathe through me through you
It passes through me-slides off like rain.
Breathe through me, breathe through you, breathe.
You bite my lip when we kiss
It bleeds and I fall in love
You are, you are, you are, you are, and you are...

04. Anna Karina
The newspaper reads:
"Tu est adorable."
And I whole-heartedly concur.

05. I Am Nietzche
"To hear something new is hard and
painful for the ear. We hear the music
of foreigners badly."
I make the sounds that you can't understand
This is my critique!
This is my subversion!
This is my revolution!
I make the sounds that you can't understand.
My fingers, my voice
Slide into every orifice.
You (I) own these words.
This is friendship.
That's what friends are for
1886 was a very good year and you know this to be true
Thus spake me.

06. Victory is Ours
I was born in 1968.
I was born in '68,
And I'm born again!
Fresh face for the stenciled walls.
Debord is always right here
And get scared again, cause I'm reborn.
I am reborn red! red! red! red! red!

07. Don't Rat Out Your Friends
Books in face, books on tape,
Sweet success, I've lost the weight.
It's a dream...
The ante gets upped every time
Evolution lets us down,
There are too many of them, and not
Enough of us. 2"
Join the lowbrow elite.
Education gets IV'ed.
Kids need ventilation,
We'll give it to them.
All systems are gouche.

08. Black Hills
It's too hot here,
Not my kind of town.
But I can smell you, even
Though you are miles away.
I put my hand on my stomach,
And pretend it's yours.
Leave on the lights,
Hand on my back, mouth on
My mouth-I need to feel you
Near me.
It's too hot here.

09. Snow Delay At The Frankfurt School
"Like anywhere else, there are no coincidences, probability makes for accomplices and change creates meaning"
When we move it's a movement.

10. And The Cat Turned To Smoke.
We smiled and said,
"I'll see you this summer."
But we both knew it was over.
That's just what you say to someone
Who's dying.
That's just what you say.
This is to ms.
Our hands fit, at least for a while.
I miss the face, I miss the taste.
I'm sorry about it all.


I have a correction

On 10 "And The Cat Turned To Smoke"

near the end...

This is to ms.

should be

This is to us.

March 1, 2010 at 10:05 PM  

July 31, 2010 at 6:32 PM  

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