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Kudykam - Where To Go

We don't know, we look for, we miss,

we roam, we don't know, we despair

to the left, to the up, forward, we don't know,

to the right, to the nothing

we look for, we despair, we don't know,

we suffer, we roam, we run

to somewhere off

mainly off

we don't know

where to go

the direction is difficult to find

in the motionless mire

we don't know

where to go

and so we beat on a gate by our heads

maybe there is hope

and someone is laughing behind the wall

"it is checkmate by fourth moving"

he is shouting to the silence

Znovu a opět znovu - Again and Again

everything is OK

they tell under breath, by undertone even by shouting

again and again

like an exterminator

when he gives a poison

to the feed for hungry question marks

again and again

the formula for doing truth from lies

Modlitba politického sadomasochismu - The Prayer of a Political Sadomasochism

to shut up

to bend one's head

to one's knees

to bend one's back

the four-year rosary

with beads of authority






we pray for the right to obey

for the promise of safety

Made In Hell

they have been telling us

that hell is not before death

but it's only on the Earth

and has thousand forms

You read Made In Hell

written on label of your bought illusion of paradise

the trade mark of global capitalism

on bared teeth of bar codes

Die Kunst Ist Tot

where a tree should have grown up

even grass scorches there

for a feeling of delight

there is only a plastic flower

in every robot's lapel of uniform

coloured, flavoured

mass culture

a family package

for living in nonliving

Die Kunst ist tot was a motto of avant-garde dadaistic group in Germany after the World War One. This group declared that culture together with humanity had died on battlefields of the World War. They also refused all conventions, traditions and stylistics of conservative official culture. They propagated total freedom of creativity and non-commercial expression. Today, in post-modern society of consumption, almost 100 years after the Dadaist, we recognize the same feelings as they had. Only the diagnosis of the culture's death is a bit different. The culture hasn't died in any war, hasn't been killed by yperite or nuclear bomb but has been killed on production lines of entertainment industry. It is cut to pieces, sterilized and preserved and then sold according to weight. The culture is dead, only consumer goods have remained here.


ear of your mouth

makes eyes

for other ears

the eyes of the control of your thoughts

The Echelon is a global spy system, which is managed by US secret service NSA (National Security Agency). The function of this system is to monitor all electronic communication. According to assigned words the Echelon chooses and records all that is interesting for secret services. The Echelon monitors mainly communication with political tasks but some economic tasks have also been added recently. The Echelon contains listening posts and an interpretive system. Involved states carry on listening posts and are able to create so-called national dictionaries. The dictionary contains interest words or forms, which secret services are interested in. All listening posts have all national dictionaries and filters at disposal. Then these posts are able to control acquired information according to all filters and they send results to secret services.

Teď již víme vše - Nowadays We Know All

there are no X nor Y

in the equation of living

the excrements of human mind

have been spread to space

and there is sounding from the ass

"We can be proud of it"

people say it's a highlight of progress

and I'm thinking of

how it has been celebrated by those

who died by hunger yesterday

and according to their answer it seems

that nowadays we know all

but we still don't understand

the essential

Naděje v míjení - The Hope Of Passing

drops flow on the stone

in pain of every morning

the paralysis, born by Loneliness

for pleasance of the father Fear

we whisper secretly

that they killed hope

and meanwhile our and its eyes

meet every day

a spark with a spark

hand themselves their hands

a drop and a drop

dream about the river

how a rock bends to it

the stream in desire

the fire in the river

gives live to dreams


15 000 pounds of humanity

egalité, fratelité, liberté

zero in on

only Death knows

what freedom is

and after hard work

she is singing the song of living

War propagandists often view a modern war as a chain of accurate attacks by so called smart bombs. TV shots with effects of these weapons on enemies' shelters are showed and army and political newspeak is enlarged with words like "humanitarian bombing" and so on. The idea, that only "the bad men" die in wars that are waged by rich countries of the North, is propagandised to us. But the truth is different. During these wars, the so-called dumb bombs are often used in a big scale because they are cheaper than expensive missiles with accurate guide. One of the worst bombs which has been created ever is BLU-82/B nicknamed "Daisy cutter". This bomb weights 15 000 lb. and is filled with high explosive gelled slurry GSX. Its explosion has lethal effect about 500 yards from the place where it explodes. It creates perfect democracy system of death within this area…equality, freedom and brotherhood of dying. It isn't matter if a dictator, a member of repressive forces, a women, a child, an animal, a soldier or a peasant are in the circle of its rule, they are equal everybody in this moment. Equal in death that they didn't wish, free to die for higher interests of someone else, united by their tragic destiny. BLU-82/B is pure essence of war, an answer to the picture of modern war refined by the propaganda, sour smile addressed to speeches about humanitarian bombing.

Geometrie řádu - Geometry of a Order

when laws about all will be put out finally

there won't be any reason to be afraid

only thing to ask will be remained

are you with us

or against?

machining of opinions

to linear forms of commands

signposts at corners

tattooed numbers under armpits

Tanec bláznů - Fools Dance

the orchestra tunes up

the conductor bows

silence, please, we are starting

and obedient to the drums

the machine hearts beat

and you dance

in the straitjacket

of everydayness

so dance

life from mercy

in the circle of destruction

left and right side of the bill

so dance

a tooth for a tooth

an eye for an eye

obey to the rhythm

don‘t look for the reason

it‘s long time ago in the asylum

closed in the solitary room

Nutnost? - Necessity ?

a look into the mirror

a look into my own eyes

to be both the executioner and the victim

of my own emotions

into a dark cell

as deep as the bottom of my conscience

there I have locked down my humanity

with seven turns of the key

it keeps on screaming on though

it longs to be free

thus deserves to be punished hard

lash it into blood

despite the pains

it doesn't go silent

a razor-edge plucks up calm

peace in the eye of hurricane

and so I locked it down

to succeed

to both torment and be tormented

and then I killed

to survive

I killed man

in my inner self

Slova - Words

an affectionate caress

to confirm the friendship

a shake of hand

the same as a sting

a poisonous snakebite

forced into a chain

they hold heads bent down

and fingers on the cocks of guns

they administer life's crossroads

the faithful servants of ideas

twisted into dynamite detonator

they count down to explosion

Ve stínu - In The Shadow

I know it is there

somewhere behind my back

in a friendship with time

over a bottle of alcohol

not to spare anybody

when it calls to attack

with no exception tear

the spine out of all bodies alive

I know it is there

I perceived it

through the corner of my eye

in a glimpse of the truth

under the burden of heavy boots

everything shuddered

and the air shivered of pain

he called for help

when under rain of strokes

bent low to the ground

and also the little cloth

with which they wiped their mugs

the one that used to be snow-white

now suddenly red became

like grapes of anger

ground with piston of a press

I know it is there

a grain of dust told me that

with a mild smile of the knowing

from the reverse side of the Moon arrived

entrusted me with its secret

and so now I also know

that even though there might be some light somewhere

there is a dark shadow that's lying on us all

Hranice - The Borders

carefully cut up

the mountains, oceans, the forests

because of the will of hate's messengers

into deeps wounds

full of fire and pus

handfuls of salt added

carefully cut up

the bodies, hearts, the brains

and in a filthy corner rejected

a festive dinner for the toadstool hyenas

and the supper for the vultures

across the borders in our souls

across the scars in maps

from me to you and from you to me

it's further somehow


when you can‘t find a word

and you don‘t know any facts

when you have got the feeling

that there is no authority

when you must show the world

where the real truth is

then you‘ll use your argument

the argument of clenched fist

the fear on their faces

gives you to know

the feeling of „intelligence“

it‘s an elation just to that point

when someone else uses

the argument of a gun against you

Manipulace - Manipulation

you are persuaded from every side

you meet them on your every step

how could you live so long

without our products ?

cunning investments to advertisement

control human dreams and wishes reliably

there is the only purpose

every body wants things, that were not missed before

and the only lust remains

the lust for buying

Možnost volby? - The Possibility Of Choice

variants, that aren't solutions

now you got the right to decide

will you choice the death by hanging

or rather a bullet into your nape?

Tradice - Tradition

closed in a cage

of inculcated knowledge

proudly talking

about unlimited space

Everybody says it

everybody was told before

everybody believe it

everybody was taught it

the sky is red and the sea is yellow

the sun has been black since ever

without the flag and the hymn

people wouldn‘t be people

tradition accepted

without any protests

dogmas melted

into cerebral skin

the man is a lord of creation

animals are just a feed

woman is inferior

the different ones have no rights

without dogs and the shepherds

the crowds wouldn‘t survive

and „why?“, that is the question

which is never being asked

Posedlost - Obsession

the glitter of gold has burned the eyes to ashes

the life in darkness is more simple

to go straight ahead and don't look around

to don't see the blood on your hands

obsessed by possession

obsessed by power

in a chase for your private Eden

to send the others to hell

vigorous steps grind bones of "the inferiors"

the money talk has drowned out the human cry

Lobotomie vírou Lobotomy By Belief

Oh my god, my lord

there is nothing much than you

my fate is too hard

you are my salvation

please answer me

how to live my life

lead my steps of life

into the kingdom of heaven

onto your altar

all I have I‘ll sacrifice

and my mind I‘ll put to feet of the holy church

I wanna be a puppet

that is capable of everything for your love

Pevné hradby normalizace -Firm Walls Of Normalisation

finishing of the next railing

firm walls made of barbed wire

to regulate human lives

on the right and only way

you mustn‘t turn aside

pressed to tight form

mutilated, you live in silence

in a prison of their laws

and rules

Amnézie - Amnesia

Murders of last days,

death and pain of innocent people

The reason for their suffering

is disappearing in the mist of oblivion

Memory lost in a deepest abyss

White moments in history

It's the clearest symptom of amnesia


The grave of four millions bodies

The place that you chose

for a rebirth of hatred

The ignorance of the past

Your pity and your humility

is just another false mask

You said you wanted to honor the martyrs

but now you spit on their graves


The crosses, you built here

they should have had different form,

the form that was here somewhere in time

It was a sign of the same evil

-Fascistic swastika-

This one is immediate reaction dealing with the situation of the former concentration camp Osweicim-Auschwitz. Nowadays, this place became again the place where fanatic hatred and intolerance are spreading their wings in full strength. The cause for it all is the monumental cross-built by poles, members of Catholic Church. Pope hallows this cross. This cross is a trespassing upon a promise given by the Christians. They promised not to build any monumental religious symbols in the concentration camp's area. This was because Jewish religion doesn't enable any Jew to pray in close neighborhood to a cross like this. So the Jews called for its removing. But they were refused and the radical Christian groups are very dogmatic and they don't cover their anti-Semitic opinions (their cross built polish nazi skinheads too). It is possible again to hear sentences about world Jewish conspiracy here. These same sentences, which we could read in Hitler's anti-Semitic laws or hear on Kristallnacht. The sentences, that were cause of six million people death. Did these Christians forget about holocaust? Did they forget how many Jewish transports finished in Auswitz? They must suffer from some kind of lost memory. How could they speak about paying tribute to polish antifascists and then scream anti-Semitic slogans? These problems don't deal only with this case. It's like the amnesia has afflicted the whole world. Fascists and nationalistic organizations are on the rise. Racists and xenophobic moods are spreading like a disease. Did we forget indeed about what happened a few decades ago? Hope, we didn't! We hope that the lost memory is just a temporary illness and people will be reminded of a real face of fascism. If they won't there is a danger that the history will be repeated. Let's learn from the mistakes of our ancestors!!!

GRIDE, September 1998

Arogance moci - Arrogance of Power

we‘re more important than anybody of you

in our uniforms, we‘re much like the gods

we‘re the police and we protect you

we‘re just for your welfare here

but don‘t try to provoke us with your „bad appearance“

or we‘ll show you who is the master

don’t try to think about any protests

we are the law here

the judgement and the punishment

Příběh s otevřeným koncem - The Story With An Open End

the chain of the motor-saw

factory stacks

cities over-filled with cars

nuclear power plants

they tell sad story

about nature devastation

about human greed

selfishness and indifference

a few sentences left to finish

upon the world, wet by tears

about destruction of mankind

or about the return to nature

me and you

we all are authors

of this final chapter

Spravedlivý system - The Rightful System

the powerful hand of totalitarian regime

relieved its pressure

be happy, you slave

after those years of oppression

lies and terror

you know the real truth and love

welcome to the freedom empire

society of bliss

with false feeling of freedom

at the counters of supermarkets

consume a don‘t doubt

show your gratitude

at the ballot box

the prosperity and the wealth

are only guaranteed

by our brand new rightful system

so why do you still feel

that pressure, which is grinding you?

you can‘t breath

tied up with a tight rope

caught in a net of the next regime

Parlamentní utopie - Parliamentary Utopia

far above your heads

built of simple trust

a palace of ballot tickets stands

from the palace windows, people and ground

seem so small, meaningless

useful only for to be commanded

lies are served on golden trays there

falsehood and selfishness seem to be a virtue

a big notice is chiselled

on the walls and on the gates

"Don't let it be disappeared

let it live forever

parliamentary democracy"

Vlast, národ a šílenství - Country, Nation And Insanity

An echo of the shot

embodied hatred

death flies forwards

tearing bodies apart

hungry for blood

the bullet doesn't ask why

it doesn't think, it kills

obedient to the commands

for the nations serenity

under the flag of its country

what's alive?

and what's the fodder for the bombs?

funeral flowers from the state

amongst mass graves

possibility to murder

acknowledged with iron medals

and at the bottom of the trench

disfigured with the tank tracks

in the mud

the lost human reason lies

Klub přátel vivisekce - Vivisection Friends Club

a need called up by advertisement

forced cosmetic product

hungry crowd buys in the markets

the shit tested on animals

there's no time for remorse

it's gone aside

greed wins above humanity

tortured animals by Draize tests

"we cannot do anything about it"

average consumer

average excuse

no will to look for the alternatives

and the answer is so easy

you don't buy, they don't profit

the solution written on every banknote

boycott! boycott! boycott! boycott!

but still they buy, they don't want to think

members of vivisection friends club

Uniforma - The Uniform

you overlook me, you despise me

because my appearance isn't enough "underground"

you introduce new norms

you create uniforms

shocking image

you have distinguished from crowd

but you haven't changed yourself

Some of our friends were exposed to mocking and contemptuous notes because of their clothes in concert. It was because they haven't military trousers, ragged jeans or T-shirt with any accepted band and they were taken inferior. People that behave this way understand anything. They want to distinguish from consumer society and create moral code that permits to you what you can wear or not. It isn't right and these people take scene as a style and their mind is in the same level like mind of some racist. Fortunately we didn't meet a lot of those people.

Vysát a zahodit - Suck And Throw It Away

multinational octopus is chocking all the world

insatiable corporations devastate mother Earth

their motto is "suck and throw it away"

they exploit and plunder this planet

in the name of progress and technologies

nature isn't important for them

gain is the highest priority

what about human being?

what does a man mean for you?


it means only replaceable working machine

and the slogan "suck and throw it away"

on the dead, destroyed planet

there will be just warning memento

the motto of our merciless period

"suck and throw it away"

Nazi Menace

discrimination, arrogance

oppression, violence

the shade of nazi menace

and you keep silent!

Now you live here, in the Nazi Empire

New world order

was created by your indolence

mutilation, intolerance

extermination, virulence

realization of nazi menace

And you keep silent!

now you stand here, face to the wall

the shackles on hands

you gather fruits of your indifference

False Friends

you tell me just nice, sweat words

"oooh, you are so gooood!"

but behind my backs these words turn to arrows

poisonous arrows

dangerous tips stick deeply into my heart

they hurt me

our friendship is dead now

forget and buried

turned to dust

Moderní společnost 1997 - Modern Society 1997

the way of life is given with the television screen

the brain – its degradation

the dependence – medium net

faces covered into the robe of apathy and indifference

voluntary refusal of own personality

crazy pace of everyday existence

artificial life without people's factor

thousands of automatic movements

and bad ostensible feelings

price of life given in dollar notes

using of feeble and powerless people

matter of course of modern society

conscience drawn in conform

and in a lot of unnecessary things


Very nice quotes with an interesting background. Those times were quite different. These lines reflect how the things used to be in the past and how they have changed over the time.

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