1. The Folding Road

By now... by now we've cut our teeth on concrete
Faced the bruising road he said "tonight I'll send you home"
Threads like us we're taut
Stretched we're deathly long
By fate we fray
The ground howls
The road folds
The sand pulls
As we scrape no cities hear us the ground lies ready:
"I lie, I lie steady," the growing desert preaches
"I hit, I hit heavy-weighted with fate by fate you'll fray"
Threads go on and on and on
Stretched along the roads we plague
They go on

2. Chapels

Burning through the wedding--it's confirming, I'm contained
I'm more my bride's shadow than a groom is meant to be
But the bells sing "you're no liar"
As she bares a half-man's fire

3. From the Aisle

After our flocks are tamed I'll deny everything
As our aged bodies ache I'll deny everything
we've had moral nights with years laying straight
(holding off caustic thoughts)
but fate laughs we can't last (from the aisle)

4. Dead Mountain Mouth

Dead mountain mouth
teeth framed by wet graves
the sea drapes
we sleep in deep shade and cold caves hold safe
dead mountain mouth

5. White Walls

My mind can't shake one sound
it lodged and grew...
I'm breaking down
It's all around
The bed's thin sound
It's all around
Air rings through (and through) stagnant rooms
pinching, prodding me
great insidious sound! leave me! leave me be!
lately you've found i break between white walls that burn the nerves
no noise can shake me but I feel me breaking
turning back
it's all around
it all breaks down

6. Badlands


7. Greek Beds

She finds some sleep whenever the night dries
Her friends awake stay wet in their greek beds
She's cleared wide paths two miles down 1st ave
But angry nights anchor her parched head
Dry in the greek beds...coming down
The mind buys when the body is spent.
Night runs dry
Legs lock up
Locked legs drop
Her sinus stings her dirty lungs
She's all night

8. Asleep On the Forest Floor

At twilight the day sheds its skin letting our starved hands in
by sun-up the night's fully dressed giving our tired hands rest
at twilight the day sheds its skin
don't lay down
sheets rise
you sleep like the end is nigh
you sleep like the bed's on fire
hands in the night
cut through the thickest hours
at twilight the day sheds its skin letting our starved hands in
by sun-up the night's fully dressed giving our tired hands rest

9. Warm Woods


10. Lake of Virgins

you've grown claws
watch the "not" cub club the "hot" cub
this mutiny turned grisly
now he holds every bear's eyes
"feed me, lead me"
hunting beta cub
trouble haunts you beta cub
the lake
can't know how it tastes unless you plan to stay
"no... we can't stay
don't clip my claws"
caught near the virgin's heart inside her locking arms
locked in her deep hold


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