1. Endless Teeth

The future is gnashing its endless teeth
As it lumbers towards our drunk king
His god is reckless
His faith is bold
He spits his rabid grace on a
Panicked court
We're lost
Our place in time...
It breeds this maddening thought that
We won't be stopped
That this century bleeds like the last
That the future folds in our hands
Take we take we take
Each chance to run wild
As time fades, we don't change
Run straight into fire

2. Things Don't Look Good

roots spread under the mud
drags the steel sprawl out towards the sea
pile these cold souls so tight they’ll hardly breathe
flames will walk the earth
let them roam
they don’t need what can spend so easily
make this wretched mass work for their gloom
flames will walk the earth
and nothing will change
pack ourselves so tight we can’t breathe
on their grief
we cast our roots deep
the grid extends its reach
things don’t look good
as we feel the ground wake
nothing will change
flames will walk the earth
and nothing will change

3. Recursion


4. I Won't Come Back Alive

My body is taken by the cells inside
They'll consume me, hollow,
Turn me dry
I've got no way to fight this on my own
Whatever ails me fades a stable soul
Turn up the lights, sear it away
Now it's unending; fills the body wide
How long 'til this common life will fold
Turn up the lights, sear it away
It's what you can't know
I won't come back alive
Both eyes retire
All bones are dark
Down to dust

5. City on a Hill

We take pride in our short sights,
Our past horrors
Shout coarsely with a long stick
Lest we seem sane
We're strangers
Pulling stolen reigns
I'm not proud
We're staging an ugly fable
Our hands are awash with lies
Most blame will fall
On this useless mob
Their bloodlust grows
Our whips blow back
It grows
They'll snap our necks
All we are--all we'll be
Is so wrong

6. The Whips


7. Blow Back


8. Colony Collapse

In the belly of these dreadful days
What's there to believe
I plead: "what can I do"
Don't look ahead
It's all desperate ends
But I do, I do
Love will haunt all life,
In time, the world's undone.
In time, one death will bind.
Right now each mess we're in
Puts us in fate's harsh old hands
In the shadow of those looming days
What's there to believe
I plead: "What will I do, what then?"
You'll come to fear
Each day
Each night
You'll come to fear
Each day
Each night

9. The Feast

While these old plagues spread
One more need runs low
Don't stop...feast harder
Strip what's left of this toxic land
Stuff yourself with anything you grasp
Don't stop...feast harder still
Our fates compounding
Our veins run dry
Don't stop
This can't get much worse

10. Ergot (Relief)

I see no light ahead
I choke on desperate breath
We knew the water'd rise
Felt the ground subside.
I loved who I could
As war clouded minds
I did what was right
As we all came loose
I see no light ahead
And I feel your panic too
I hear the battered soil sigh
If we're broke
It's the right time
All will be forgotten
All will be well


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